There Are No Words (Resolutions, Day 175)

And yet, I’m probably about to write a lot of them. Do you recall yesterday’s blog, dear reader? Where I started writing about how Mistress and I had been constantly talking back and forth about breeding kink, and ended with an entire fantasy that had jumped into my head from her words? I remember that. Mistress Charlotte certainly remembers it – I may have finished writing it while she was at work, and she may have read it at her desk, and it may have made her want to jump on a plane and rail her slut senseless for a good few hours. The problem is, though, when feelings like that happen at work, there’s not a lot you can really do to get them to go away – believe me, I should know, I’ve had them three days in a row this week. We’d been talking back and forth already – I forgot she didn’t actually have a massive dick (or any dick at all), she said she was going to ruin me, you know how it is, typical conversation stuff. I- oh, what’s that? That’s not normal? Oh, hush you. It’s our normal, and that’s the important thing.

Anyway. After she spanked the hell out of me for distracting her at work – and after I apologised following every smack – and after she called me a teasing little whore for some of my more lascivious apologies (the words “fat cock” may have been involved, who’s to say) – Mistress mentioned a few pretty important things. Firstly, that she was going to split me open and fuck my sluthole until I can’t even remember my own name. Secondly, that- what? YES, that’s an important thing, what are you saying? Did you miss the bit where she said she’d split me fucking open? ANYWAY. Secondly, that she had tomorrow morning off – that is, the following night, in my time. And it would very much be in my best interest to make myself available for her. She was going to fuck my mind into oblivion, in a way that she hasn’t done for… nearly two years, now. A live hypno session, although the specifics were left a mystery to me. Which is frankly ideal.

The next morning – that is, when I woke up today – a few things sort of happened at once. While I was lying in bed, before I got up, I kept chatting with Mistress about her massive dick, and how it would look much better buried so deep inside me it bulges my belly a little – and then I realised “oh, fuck, it’s Wednesday. Today’s Commando Day.” Which, as per Mistress’s House Rules, means that I am to, of course, go without underwear for the day. Usually, this isn’t as big a deal as it might sound – my job isn’t very sexy, and I’m so much of a fucking slut that I’m kind of used to it. But… There’s no “getting used to” a week like this. I’m still the horniest I’ve ever been. To combine that with Commando Day, AND an uber-horny Mistress who’s keeping herself pent up to fully ruin me later? It was never going to end well. It didn’t help that, as a horned up slut, I wasn’t exactly capable of making the wisest decisions. Such as when I decided to record some voice clips to send to Mistress while I was walking to work. Nobody noticed me or anything – but it’s difficult to act casual when your dick has suddenly turned to diamonds in your bare trousers. Even when I was at my desk – I could hardly stop messaging her, hardly avoid listening to every clip she sent my way. I was very thankful to be shielded by a desk, let me tell you. She mentioned how much she’d enjoyed my blogs (which, wow, considering how horny I’ve been when I’ve written these I’m surprised they’re comprehensible at all) and sent me an excerpt of a bit she especially liked. Frankly I barely remembered writing it – but I had to concede that it was, in fact, pretty fucking hot.

Eventually, she had to go to bed, and I had to at least pretend to do some work – although secretly, I couldn’t stop thinking about what she was going to do to me later that night. I got home to a surprise – my t-shirt had arrived! I’d been keeping an eye on the tracking all day, and it still said it was out for delivery, but oh well! I instantly tried it on, and I was pleasantly surprised! The fit, the length, the size of the logo – large print but not ridiculous – all seemed pretty great!

Anyway, I killed time, blah blah blah, and then Mistress woke up, ran some errands, and then BAM. It was hypno time. I made sure to send her some shots of my new shirt, which she was VERY approving of. Apparently I’ll be wearing it out some time soon, so… Fun! 🥵🔥

Then, she really got underway. I haven’t been tranced live in, like, two years – and I’m a very different slut to who I was then. Having a live induction like that, it’s truly something special – everything just felt… more. So relaxing, and peaceful, and calm. No need to think, just listen to her words, follow her instructions, agree with her suggestions. And then, once I was brought down so deep, made so pliant and obedient, she reminded me that I still have a craving. I still have a physical need that must be sated. I need her thick, powerful cock inside me, pushing in and spreading me open around it, fucking me full. Not a want, or a wish, or an idle desire – this is a need, a physical urge, a biological imperative. It will happen – it’s simply inevitable. And if I thought it was affecting me before, my god, I was so wrong. I felt like I couldn’t breathe, it was so strong. The compulsion to just spread my legs before her and let her shove her way into me – the feelings of begging, desperate need when she promised to pack me full with her seed – the way it all intensified so much every time she called me her baby boy. I was a wreck, afterwards; a quivering, shaking, puddle on the ground, composed of equal parts horny and purest need. And honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I don’t know if this kink is going anywhere anytime soon – it really feels like some switch has been flipped that cannot be… unflipped. Personally, I hope it sticks around – I’ve never been this horny in my life, and I’m loving it. Thanks for reading!

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