Cake Attempt #3 (Resolutions, Day 170)

Goodness, it feels like a long time since the last one of these, doesn’t it? Incredibly, it’s actually been a little less time than it would’ve normally – today’s the public holiday for Matariki here in NZ, so I’m baking on a Friday instead of Saturday or Sunday. But even just in terms of my own personal sluttery, it feels like a lot has happened since a week ago! Breeding kink has come back in full force, and not only is Mistress having a great time with it too, but it’s brought a couple of fun new kinky things along with it! Most importantly for today’s story, though, I’ve had some great advice from Mistress since last time that seemed like it would really help. But did it? Let us see…

So I went out to the shops this morning, partially to pick up some regular groceries, but mostly doing a run for baking supplies. I needed to restock eggs anyway, but the two most important things for baking purposes were a smaller cake tin – 20cm instead of 23cm – and a thing of vegetable-based spread, to use instead of butter. Mistress Charlotte advised that it works much better for mixing with sugar for this recipe – and seeing as this is her time-tested recipe, I’m obviously going to follow her lead! (And also, for a million other reasons). So I grabbed all that, walked back home, took some slutty photos and put them on Twitter, thought about begging Mistress to pump me full as she shoves me facedown on the kitchen counter… You know how it is, the usual whorish stuff.

I dicked around for most of the day – and then, in the afternoon, I decided it was time to start. I did the traditional malewife baking preparations – closed the blinds, stripped off, got myself plugged and aproned, and put on my headphones. Fun fact: because I have Mistress Charlotte’s Project TF in a playlist, I can just say “Hey Siri, play Project Trance-Formation” and… she will! I wonder if it’s possible to make it a custom command – so, for instance, if she would play it when I said “hey Siri, make me an absolute slut”? Possibly worth looking into. ANYWAY. I got all organised, broke out the new cake tin, and greased it all up. I made sure to cut two circles of baking paper to line the bottom with – as I’m going to have to bake each layer separately, seeing as I’ve just got the one pan. I scooped out half the container of butter and threw it in a bowl with the sugar and vanilla essence – and as soon as I started going at it with the mixer, I could tell immediately that it was WAY easier to mix. Like, even after leaving the butter out for ages last time, it still didn’t really mix well. But this! This was great! It actually looked like a cake mix! Mixing in the eggs one by one went just as well, as did sifting in the flour. I actually remembered to get a proper sized sieve when I was out, so I didn’t have to use the tiny little icing sugar one to s l o w l y get all the flour into the mix. And even once it was all mixed, and I was spooning it into the cake tin – it actually fell off the spoon! Instead of being dense enough to just sort of stay stuck to it! My wifey little heart was full to bursting – it felt so nice to finally have everything going right! I spooned about half into the tin – definitely not an exact measurement – and then after setting a timer on my phone, went to go fill my throat at the docking station.

This I knew would be a little more challenging than previous nights – even giving myself a little time to check on the cake before the time in the recipe is up, we’re still looking at about 20 minutes locked in place with my throat stuffed. That’s 20 minutes per layer, though – and remember, only one tin this time. So, to recap – put cake 1 in oven, deepthroat a dildo for 20 minutes without gagging, undock to take cake 1 out, put cake 2 in, and then fill my throat once more to do it all again. I’ll admit, it was a little rough! My throat definitely feels rather well-used, shall we say. I was really pleased that on the couple of occasions where I did feel a gag coming – usually because I’d moved my head to check the time or something – I was actually able to suppress the reflex! Mistress has told me that being able and available is a very Good Wife Thing, and at this point I don’t think that part of my training is in any doubt!

When I extricated myself from the docking station the first time, I was pretty pleased with what I saw – the baking paper had ended up in a weird shape and caused some odd bits on the edges, but for the most part it was looking all good and soft! I quickly reset the cake tin, spooned in the rest of the mixture, and popped it in the oven before heading back to re-dock. After another twenty slutty minutes, though, I came back to see a pretty perfect looking layer come out of the oven! I left it to cool on the rack a little while I flipped the other one over and generously coated it with jam. And, well…

…I think it looks pretty damn good! I don’t know how well it comes across in photos, but it feels like it’s risen much more in the middle, and it’s definitely softer and fluffier. Lighter, too, like it’s less dense than the other attempts. I’m really pleased with how it turned out, in the end! As was Mistress Charlotte, who declared it sufficient to call the task complete! This is a recipe that’s rather special to her, and I’m just so glad I was able to do her proud. Mistress once said that one of the things she loves most about this malewife business is seeing me go “wow, traditionally female roles have major value, and are kind of awesome” – and I feel like this task in particular has given me a real appreciation for that. Being able to bake someone’s favourite recipe – or something they used to have as a child – or something with a lot of sentimental value attached to it… It’s a really special thing. And while I regret that she’s not here to taste it for herself, I’m still very happy to have been able to bake it for her. So thank you, Mistress. And thanks for reading.

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