But Also, Like, Kind Of Just A Hole (Resolutions, Day 169)

Look, I’ll level with you – I’ve been pretty noticeably more of a slut over the past few days. I’ve been thinking about it, and I’m just about certain it’s all to do with Mistress Charlotte – specifically, just how much fun it is when she’s really getting into something. The malewife training is a good example of this – it’s gone from a word she mentioned in a tweet a couple months back to a full-on wifey training programme, all with the goal of making me the perfect little house-whore. And I don’t think I’d be having nearly as much fun with it if she wasn’t having a great time with it too! After a quick shopping trip tomorrow, I’ll be baking the final Victoria Sponge cake, and I’m excited! I’m looking forward to putting on that uniform and slaving away in the kitchen again – because I know it’s going to make her happy.

Now, I’ve talked about this sort of thing before, I think – about how her enjoyment feeds into my enjoyment, which just makes me want to do better, to please her more. But I feel like I usually talk about it a bit in retrospect – whereas this time, we’re actively in the middle of it. This Father’s Day inspired breeding kink episode was really only a couple of days ago – but the horny it inspired in me seems to have certainly activated something for Mistress, as well. The kind of something with… ramifications, that may or may not end up being rather long-lasting. I’ll know more for sure when this t-shirt arrives in a week or two – for now, I’ll just leave you with this little hint:

I’ll tell you now – it’s not ABDL based.

The main content of today’s blog, though, is sort of the inverse of yesterday’s. Because, yes, there are certainly all sorts of incredibly sexy sensory things to do with fucking, that aren’t the actual fucking part. But also… isn’t that part also really really hot? I’ll clarify right now that I’m only really talking about pegging – but seeing as that’s the least sexy name in the world, I’ll probably just stick to calling it fucking. Besides, giving it a separate name just because I’m the one with the hole and she’s the one with the cock seems silly – it’s still fucking! Just normalise it! Anyway. It’s really hot. I say “it” like that as if it’s just one thing, but there really are so many facets to it – positions, methods, ways of making the act of “strap goes into sluthole” a little bit more exciting.

Position is a good one to start with! I often talk about being bent over the kitchen counter – so much so that as soon as I say bent, my autocorrect can finish the phrase for me – and that’s because it’s both 1) a good waist-high surface (for some people) to push a slut into, and 2) works EXCEPTIONALLY well with the malewife, “boys should be in the kitchen”, barefoot and pregnant type thing. But there are so so many others! Push your slut up against the wall of the shower, and look directly into his eyes as your dick slowly penetrates him – or spin him around and shove him roughly into it, as you shove yourself roughly into him. Sit back on the couch with your legs spread, strap standing proud, and make him lower himself onto you like a good slut. Let him do the work for once! Taking too long? Stand up and give him a push so he’s bent over, hands and feet on the ground, then grab his hips and just start going for it. Throw him on his back on the bed, and put his legs up over his head – then pound into him until he’s your sloppy, broken, breeding bitch. When I got fucked in-person, I was tied up – hands secured behind my back, face pushed down into a motel bed, ass pointed out, ready to be used like a common whore. Literally unable to resist – although, boys are all sluts anyway, so it’s unlikely that they would.

Not all fucking has to be strap-on based, though. Maybe some people say it does? But I feel like “sex is only sex when it’s a cock in a hole” is such an outmoded way of thinking at this point, not to mention just kind of boring. Just have a little more fun with it! Even staying within the bounds of penetration, it doesn’t just have to be you thrusting into him. Throw him a couple of dildos and set up your own little porn studio! As the director in charge of this film, it’s your prerogative to shout out whatever poses and actions you feel like – and he’d better do them quick, or there may be punishments in store… Say you’ve pushed him up against every wall in the house though, bent him over every horizontal surface – why not take a trip outside? Just make sure to equip him with a strong vibrator before you leave, and you’ll be in for a great time! You could head to the local shops, or maybe a nice cafe – but make sure he leads the way. That way, when you fiddle with the remote you’ve got in your pocket, you can see exactly what effect it’s having on him in real time. Watching him struggle to keep his composure while you ratchet up the vibrations and sip your tea – sounds like the perfect date!

That kind of got away from me there – I think at some point I ended writing more of a “how to fuck your submissive boy” advice column. Still hot, though, still hot. And now I’m horny all over again. Thanks for reading!

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