Not JUST A Hole (Resolutions, Day 168)

So. My past couple blogs have been obviously really horny. And that’s good! I sometimes run out of slutty things to say here, so having the inspiration to go two in a row is a sign that ludicrously hot things are happening behind the scenes (and don’t worry, they are 😏). But as tempting as it is sometimes to just talk about nothing but getting railed, there’s only so many ways I can really say “and then the slut (me) got fucked”. So today, what I’m going to try and do is talk about all the other hot parts about getting fucked, that aren’t just a sluthole being stuffed full. And if that doesn’t work… Well, I can always just turn my brain off and write some horny filth for a while.

This is partially inspired by yesterday’s blog – because while the bits where I was talking about fucking myself until I’m all sloppy and stretched for Mistress were really hot, I actually found myself enjoying the later parts of that fantasy just as much. Most notably, the idea of the sounds of Mistress coming home were not something I expected to find so sexy! Sound is frankly an underrated part of the whole getting fucked experience, IMO. Not so much in the mainstream porn sense of ear-splitting moans from the women getting fucked, and the world’s worst dirty talk from the dudes doing the fucking – that really doesn’t do much for me at all. But like I mentioned yesterday, using the sounds of encroaching footsteps to build anticipation for the inevitable pounding actually really stuck in my mind as a fun little idea! And that’s far from the only hot sound – the click of a collar’s clasp locking around a neck, the sharp crack of a hand smacking a backside, the slapping of skin on skin as the fucking intensifies. The low moans eked out as the pleasure becomes overwhelming.

Mistress’s voice, as well, whispering in my ear. Perhaps it’s unsurprising that I enjoy the sound so much, given my history with audio hypno. And after so long of listening to Mistress Charlotte – surely hundreds of hours of files by this point – is it really any wonder that hearing my own fantasies (are they my own? Are they hers? Is there even a difference anymore?) whispered into my ear is incredibly arousing? Hearing her talk absolute filth as she hilts her strap in me and leans over to speak tales of sluttery directly into my mind… It’s simply the hottest thing.

And that ties nicely into another aspect I quite enjoy – the general physicality of it all. Not the act itself – not the pounding, stretching, ruining (although, hello πŸ‘€) – but more the comfortable, casual side of it. I’ll admit this is only something I discovered through my first in-person session – which, I suppose makes sense, really, doesn’t it? Just, the way she would run her hands over my ass as I was bent over her knee, or how she gave my balls a gentle (but firm) squeeze as she was inspecting my body when I first arrived. I’d given permission – my continued presence was consent, and this was what I wanted. To not be in control of even myself for a while – if she wanted to touch something, then it would just happen.

And, again, I feel like it lends itself quite well to the idea of getting fucked. The best part is, at least in the fantasy I was describing yesterday, I was bent over facing the kitchen wall – hence why I had to use the sound of footsteps to determine when Mistress was close. Once she was close, though… Well, I can’t see her, can I? So any touches are going to come as a delicious surprise. Would it be light hands gripping my hips as she eases herself into me? Or would she grab me hard, and thrust in harder? Fingers tracing delicately over sensitive nipples – a teasing palm squeezes a handful of ass before delivering a powerful spank – her body draped over my back as her lips graze my ear so sweetly, you almost wouldn’t believe the depravity they’re capable of delivering. And once all is said and done, and her cock is pulsing hot and deep inside me, filling me to the brim, would it be a gentle hand resting on my belly, as she tells me what a good slut I am for bearing her spawn? Or would it be a sudden grip around my wrists, forcing me facedown into the counter as the haze of rut descends over her, determined to fuck another baby into me at any cost?

…now, I admit I strayed a little from my original idea at the end, there. But you see what I’m saying, right? Don’t get me wrong, I’m more than happy to be just a hole to be filled when the situation (or Mistress) calls for it. But there are other aspects, too, which I feel can be just as sexy. Side note: I don’t know if any of the “touch” things I described are that feasible when you’ve got six-foot-five of slut getting ravaged by five-foot-fuck-all of Mistress. But that’s why we have fantasy, isn’t it? Anything is possible if you just believe. Thanks for reading!

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