Happy Father’s Day (Resolutions, Day 166)

Look, I’ll level with you. This one’s just going to be straight-up horny. The worst part is that I can’t even fully explain it? It’s not even Father’s Day here, for one thing. So when I was scrolling through Twitter this morning, and seeing all the Dommes calling for tribute from anyone that’d ever called them Daddy, I was briefly like “oh shit, I didn’t get anything for my dad, oh noooo”. I can never remember all these “first Sunday of September” type things. But my slut-brain seemed to wake up before my regular-brain, this morning – because I somehow ended up thinking that the best way to celebrate “Father’s Day” would be for me to get stuffed full, and bred, and knocked up by a powerful woman. Yes, that’s right, the dreaded breeding kink has reared its head once again!

I always feel like I have to qualify the phrase “breeding kink” with so many little asterisks. Like, it’s not me doing the breeding, for one, although that’s perhaps a little obvious given, y’know… *gestures vaguely at submissiveness*. But, much like the malewife business, it’s not like I want to get turned into a woman for this, nor do I want to get fucked by a dude. Which makes me sound, like, super straight, but… That’s just how it is! This is full-on, logic out the window, “don’t think about it too hard, or at all” level fantasy. I get bent over the kitchen counter by a Mistress, or a Domme, or a Goddess or what have you, my sluthole gets ruined for a while, cum happens somehow (most likely a ludicrous amount of it, because isn’t it always?) and then, bam, one knocked up slut, barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, where he should be. Technology has, at least, advanced to make some of this feasible – advancements in the field of squirting strap-ons mean you can fill any hole with whatever cum substitute you like. Obviously, though, I’m lacking a few of the key structures to actually finish the job, so to speak.

And, honestly, if you asked me, I- oh, what’s that? You didn’t ask me? Well, tough, this is my blog, so you get to hear me musing on mpreg. Too bad. Anyway, I don’t honestly know what it is that I like about the fantasy so much. Obviously the act of getting brutally pounded like a total whore is great. And I think there might be a bit of a heat/rut thing to it, as well. Being so horny, so desperate to just get filled by something thick, and hard, and heavy… It’s a theme that hits quite close to my heart, y’know? Extending that out into a desire for nothing more than to feel hot jets of liquid shooting into me, spurt after spurt settling within, densely packing me full as I’m stuffed to the brim, tongue lolling out of my mouth with the satisfaction of being so thoroughly used – it’s hardly a massive leap of logic. But you’ll notice I mentioned rut, too. I kind of enjoy the idea of Mistress seeing my aproned ass bent over as I clean up in the kitchen, and something just giving way to a primal urge, as she pushes my back down and thrusts into me without warning, no care whatsoever for my comfort as long as she gets what she needs – a wet, warm hole to fill with hot seed. Of course, control comes much more easily to her than it does to me, so who knows – maybe she’s just playing along? Maybe a slut actually makes rather good stress relief, if you don’t worry about fucking them up too badly? It could be anything.

Lastly on the breedkink front – I feel like it also plays rather well with the malewife thing that Mistress and I have been enjoying so much recently. I mean, like I mentioned before, “barefoot and pregnant” is such a stereotypical “this is what a good wife should be” idea. Terribly outdated? Oh yeah. Hot as fuck? Absolutely. And it’s such a power move, too – like, here, I’ve decided what you’re going ot be doing for the next nine months. It’s OK, you can keep the house clean while I’m out at work, or practice your baking – those soufflés were nice, you should make them more often! It forces me into the role of housewife in a physical sense – combine that with Mistress’s own desires (and mine too, for what it’s worth (not much)) for me to be there, and it’s simply inevitable. A good little house-whore, knocked up with his Mistress’s hellspawn, but still giving her something to look forward to after a hectic day in the office. Exactly as it should be. Thanks for reading!

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