Cake Attempt #2 (Resolutions, Day 165)

Yes indeed, today was the day to give the ol’ Victoria Sponge another try. It was the perfect day for it, really – a wet, miserable day, simply ideal for staying inside and getting nice and comfy. It was not, sadly, perfect for doing all my washing – I’ll have to find another day this week to do it. I mean, sure, I have a dryer, but I really don’t like using them for my shirts – it has a rather nasty tendency to shrink them, and that’s quite simply no good. I realise that this is an incredibly housewife complaint to have, and, well, what can I say? It’s TRUE, either way,

I started out by putting on my required baking slut uniform – apron, nudity, plug, and headphones playing Mistress Charlotte’s iconic Project Trance-Formation. Like I mentioned, it was pretty cold and miserable here today, and so I was really glad to have the warmth of the pre-heating oven to keep me comfortable. I suppose boys really are supposed to be in the kitchen! I’d already made sure to take the butter and the eggs out of the fridge a few hours ago, to make sure they were at room temperature before we started, and so I just had to get the rest of the ingredients and equipment out to sit next to them. Honestly, though, even with them warmed up a little, I still found it really hard mixing the butter and sugar together. They just sort of stick to the prongs of the hand mixer and slow it all the way down, which doesn’t seem right. Even once I’d gotten them somewhat mixed together and added the eggs, it seemed like it was taking on the curdled, “scrambled egg” texture I’d seen in my last attempt, which was a bit of a bummer. After all, this is precisely what taking the stuff out of the fridge was meant to avoid, and yet it sort of just happened anyway. Frustrating!

Bleh. Doesn’t exactly look great here, does it?

Once I got the flour added, it started taking on a bit of a nicer consistency, though. I’m not a cake expert by any definition – this is the second one I’ve ever made! – but it seemed less like a cake batter and more like a… cookie dough? Which reminded me of how the cake ended up turning last time, a little less sponge and a little more giant, somewhat crispy, cookies.

But again, no expert here, and it’s what I had, so I continued on. It’s quite difficult to spoon into the cake tins when it’s like this – it much prefers to stick to the spoon/spatula than to actually be deposited in there, and it’s heavy enough to try and take the baking paper lining with it when you attempt to spread it. In the end, I sort of ended up getting them in there – but as Mistress Charlotte mentioned to me, I think these tins are a bit too big for what the recipe requires, meaning they get spread a little more thin than they really should be. I didn’t think 23cm vs. 20cm would make a huge difference, and they seemed so perfect in every other way – but I suppose when people say that baking is a precise art, they really do mean it!

And so, I put them into the oven, and after setting a timer, delivered myself over to the docking station for the next step of the recipe. Lest you forget – my uniform was not the only requirement Mistress placed upon me for this month’s task. I’m also to spend the time that the cakes are in the oven on my knees, with my throat stuffed full, ungagging and unmoving. Locked in place, for as long as Mistress desires me to be there. (Which, in this case, is about twenty minutes.) It sounds like a long time, doesn’t it? Even to me, it does. At the beginning of this, when Mistress asked me how long I could have a dildo in my throat without gagging, my first few attempts were closer to twenty seconds than anything else. And now… well, look at me. Mistress mentioned once that it’s the Good Christian Wife thing to be always able and available, and I’d say I’m certainly working well towards that ideal. If she wants to hold me down on her strap and not have me gag, she can. And if she does want me to gag, well, all she has to do is move a little. I’m not quite that well-trained yet.

Anyway, once the twenty minutes were up, I came back to see how the cakes were doing. Honestly, not too bad-looking! They hadn’t risen quite as much as the idea I had in my head, but they still looked nicer than they did in batter form. I left them for another few minutes and then took them out, trying to avoid the crispy edges I ended up with last time. I, uh, kinda succeeded? They were certainly less biscuit-like than they were then. And they were actually, y’know, spongy! Which is great.

They taste pretty great, and the texture on the inside is actually quite nice, but… They’re not quite what I would call “perfect”, though. Still a little… smushed? Dense? One of those. I think they’re closer than last time, though! Mistress has given me a couple of really useful tips – the aforementioned tin size, as well as subbing out the butter for a different spread – so I think next weekend we might just get there. I hope so, anyway – I’d quite like to keep this malewife training going positively! I’m really enjoying it, and more importantly, I think Mistress is as well. It’s still such a thrill to think that she still has so much more planned out for me – I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Thanks for reading!

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