Quick Catch-up (Resolutions, Days 163 and 164)

I missed a post! Oh well. Ultimately I don’t think it’s a big deal – nobody’s really keeping track of these other than me. To make up for it, I’ll try and make this one twice as long! Now, technically I could’ve written a blog post yesterday – but considering that I was sitting at a bar with friends for a good chunk of the night, I suspect that 1) it would be kind of rude to be on my phone writing for half an hour, and 2) by the end of the night I was considerably too drunk to write anything coherent or, uh, good. Auto-correct did help write some drunken confessions to Mistress Charlotte, but I was really focusing on them. Also, I use the slidey text input, so even when sober, if I’m not paying attention, it gets WAY worse than if I were using tap inputs. We an example, I’ve just written this sentence looking at my phone, she this is what I it turned out at. (“As an example, I’ve just written this sentence without looking at my phone, and this is what it turned out as.”) Admittedly, that did actually work out way better than I thought, but I think being drunk would actually have a way more detrimental effect than even not looking at my phone, somehow.

But yeah! Last night was really fun – we went out to go see Top Gun: Maverick. I’ve never seen the original, but I’d heard this one was really good, so I wanted to see it in theatres. Turns out they were right, it was pretty great! I believe they did some (all??) of the plane action IRL, instead of just using CGI – and if that’s true for even half of the insane shit they were pulling off, god damn. Absolutely ludicrous. I didn’t really miss much by not having the background knowledge – literally all I know about the first one is planes and homoerotic volleyball, but they straight up tell you everything you need to know. I’d recommend it if you’re able to see it in theatres! But I understand that a lot of people either can’t or don’t want to these days. Frankly, I’m surprised I still haven’t had COVID myself – I mean, my weekends are typically very quiet, and I often don’t go out much at all. But still, it just feels like it should’ve happened by now, you know? I know a LOT of people who’ve had it, it seems inevitable. I almost wish I could get it over with, a little? But also, it would be nice to get out of this whole thing unscathed, so to speak.

And yeah, then we went out to a bar! The place we were planning to go to originally ended up having someone my friends know helping out behind the bar, so we just pulled up there and chatted for a good long while. He’s a cool guy! He also got rather frustrated with some rather rude customers, which was fun to watch. I’m starting to figure out what I like in terms of drinks, and I enjoyed everything I ordered! We basically talked a lot of shit for hours, alcohol doing its thing as the classic social lubricant. It’s good fun though – in a way, I do kind of regret the years I spent thinking I was too cool for drinking. But that’s ok, I’m enjoying myself now, and that’s the important thing. After we finished up there, we dipped into the whiskey bar across the street (the same one we went to for my birthday whiskey tasting!) and had another couple drinks there! And then I walked home, moderately cold, rather drunk, and texting Mistress all the way. It seems like I was more amusing than annoying, which is always a risk when under the influence. I got home alright, texted my friends to make sure they knew, then I tumbled into bed and fell asleep.

And then! I woke up, and stayed in bed for a few hours while I put myself back together. I actually wasn’t really very hungover at all, somehow – I’d not had any dinner last night, so I expected to be hit pretty hard, but I was mostly fine! Incredibly lazy though, it took me until about 11 to get out of bed and have a shower. I grabbed lunch with the same friends – we were checking out a new sandwich store, which was delicious. Expensive, as was the night before, but I’d say it was pretty worth it. Then we just sort of walked around town for a while, and stopped into a dessert place that does nitrogen based ice cream. I didn’t get anything myself – again, expensive, and I bought an expensive new electric toothbrush recently which has been weighing on me this fortnight – but I had a couple of bites, and it was really nice and soft. We had plans to check out this LGBT Pride pop-up shop / art gallery, and there was some incredibly beautiful stuff on offer – I ended up grabbing a couple of art prints (one for me, one as a future birthday present) and a new face mask. I was considering going back to my friends’ house for some board games, but I ended up declining – it turned out I actually wasn’t feeling too hot, in an upset stomach kind of way, so I just walked home and chilled out for the rest of the day. Folded some washing that had been sitting out for much too long, you know how it is.

…look, I know, the point of this blog isn’t necessarily “here’s my journal of what I did today”. But I’ve just not been up to much sluttery! Mistress did approve me changing the location of my throat training away from the docking station, which has actually made a huge difference to how long I can last! Idk if it’s some change in the positioning or what, but it’s MUCH more difficult to do sitting on the couch than it is when attached to a wall. Nothing for it but more practice though, really. I’ll also be making my second attempt at the Victoria Sponge cake tomorrow, so stay tuned for more malewife action there. I really don’t know how it’s going to go – I don’t exactly feel like I want to consume more than one cake a week, so I’m limiting myself to just attempting once every weekend, but that also means I’ve got much less chances to get things perfect than I did with the soufflé. I’ll take my time tomorrow, though – and I’ll definitely remember to take stuff out of the fridge long in advance. Fingers crossed I get something worthy of being served to Mistress and her friends. I’ll keep you posted! Thanks for reading.

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