Domestic Bliss (Resolutions, Day 161)

Well, today was just a rather lovely one. I mentioned yesterday how we were having a morning tea today, and that I was bringing some home-made muffins, like a classic good housewife. To reiterate – this was a recipe I’d never tried before yesterday, it was all done on the spur of the moment on a bit of a whim. It seemed like they turned out alright, but I only had six of them for a group of… many, and I didn’t want to waste one on testing them out. So I really had no idea how they were going to taste! I mean, worst case scenario, they’re terrible and people politely eat them with a bit of a grimace on their face. But, you know me, good little wifey – ideally I’d like people to like them, of course. In theory, there wasn’t much that could actually go wrong – the texture might be a bit weird, but taste-wise it’s just flour + butter + sugar + egg + vanilla + chocolate chips + milk. Literally no problems there! So I didn’t worry about it too much and scooped them into an airtight container (with a paper towel on top and bottom, turns out that’s a good idea).

I wasn’t the only one to bring some home-made stuff, but there were only two others – one guy had made some banana bread, and the other had actually brought in the dough he had made the night before to bake some focaccia using the oven in the work kitchen. Which feels insane to me? But, damn, was it tasty. I’m getting ahead of myself, though – I had the container of muffins on my desk next to me all morning, and I was enjoying casually mentioning to people that I’d done some baking for the morning tea. When the time rolled around, I was debating cutting them each in half so more people would get to try them, but ultimately I left them as they were. They weren’t so big that they really needed to be halved, and while the idea of more people enjoying my creations was tantalising, I decided they were better off as wholes. I put them out on a plate and made sure to take the first one for myself – both so I could actually see what they were like, and so nobody else had the pressure of having to take the first one. So kind, aren’t I?

I have to say – not to toot my own horn, but I thought it was pretty nice! I had put them in the fridge earlier on in the night, only to later realise that apparently fuck up the texture, so I took them back out before I went to bed – but I was a little scared that I’d ruined them somehow. But they were fine! I used chocolate drops instead of chips (because somehow there weren’t ANY milk chocolate chips on the shelf at the supermarket??? And I’m not about to use dark chocolate, no thank you) and they made it a lot of fun. I do think they would have been better fresh out of the oven, obviously, but they weren’t bad at all! And other people agreed, too. Someone turned to me and asked if I’d made these myself, and I was so glad to be able to say that I did! She then said that it was absolutely delicious, which… I know that, ultimately, baking muffins is not a huge deal – it doesn’t necessarily make me a housewife or anything. But hearing that… IDK, it just made me really happy. Obviously I love making other people happy, and Mistress training me in these wifey skills has made me better at doing so! Even if it wasn’t directly in this case, the fact that I started doing baking at all is pretty much all because of her. And now I know how good it feels to make something delicious for someone, I think there’s no chance I won’t be spending even more time in the kitchen going forward! Just like a good wife should.

What really sealed the deal, though, was sharing that photo of me in my apron on Twitter. It got a fair few likes, which is always a lovely feeling, but also some great comments! One in particular from an NZ-based Domme, which just blew my mind:

I mentioned that credit is really due to Mistress Charlotte and her malewife training, to which she replied with one of the sweetest things I’ve heard in a while:

I mean, just… What a lovely thing to say to a slut, y’know? Appreciation for my Mistress and all that she does, as well as the wish that I remain in my rightful place beneath her… It was beautiful, and I’ll certainly be thinking about it for a while. Thanks for reading.

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