Taking the Initiative (Resolutions, Day 160)

So, at work, we’ve got a fairly large team of people. A lot of them are on fairly short contracts, only around six months or so. But also, where I work is a really nice place, and everybody wants to stay around. All of this combined results in a pretty fast turnover rate – people who are in want to get permanent positions, which means going to another team, and then we need new people to replace THOSE people. I told you that story so I could tell you this one – we have a lot of morning teas in our team, both to welcome new starters and farewell old friends. Now, normally, I’d just swing by the supermarket, pop into the bakery section for some chocolate croissants or mini donuts or what have you, and call it a day. But as I was doing my slutty little baking over the weekend, I started thinking. What if I were to show off my wifey skills in a bit more of a public scene? And so, that’s what I did!

Keen-brained readers may recall that when I went shopping for the supplies to do Mistress Charlotte’s June malewife skill training, I also picked up a muffin tray. I figured that would be the perfect thing to make – they’re light and easy to eat for a morning tea, they’re small, and they’re really easy to share. Ideal! I was tempted to pick up one of those Betty Crocker ready-made mixes for muffins, but I decided that when someone asked me if I made them, I didn’t want the answer to be “Yes, but…”. Just call that more pride in my growing malewife skills, I suppose! That, and taking advantage of the ability to show them off. Side note – I assumed six was the standard size for these, but most recipes I saw were designed for a batch of twelve? I ended up deciding to just cut one recipe in half and stick with making six – it won’t be enough for everyone in the team, but we always end up with way more food than we know what to do with anyway, so it’s fine.

Originally, I was wondering if I should get up extra early and bake them before I leave for work, but I decided it 1) wouldn’t really be worth it, I’m sure they’ll keep just fine until tomorrow, and 2) would probably take way longer than I think it would, and then I’d get to work late, and I’d have to leave late, and etc etc. So as soon as I got home, I put myself into the standard soufflé slut outfit – malewife apron, no other clothes, buttplug, and Mistress Charlotte playing in my ears, telling me precisely how much of a whore I am. This isn’t an officially established rule, or anything – but I figure if I’m going to be doing something especially wifey, I may as well look the part.

And believe me, I looked the goddamn part.

I mean, look, I don’t exactly like to toot my own horn – hell, I get embarrassed enough by praise from other people, let alone doing it to myself. But if that’s not the picture of a good little housewife, I really don’t know what is. Can’t you just imagine coming home after a long, hard day at work, and seeing an extremely smackable ass bent over in the kitchen, pulling a tray of freshly baked deliciousness out of the oven? Maybe you’d like a bite? Have as much as you’d like, it’s all for you – and so am I. Or, maybe you’d rather just relax on the couch? Please, sit, I’ll fetch you a whiskey – you just put your feet up! Oh, don’t mind me, I’ll just be cleaning up over here in the kitchen. It needs a bit of focus, so I probably wouldn’t even notice if you came up behind me. Do you like my new apron, by the way? I love how… freeing it is. Anyway, how was your day? I hope you don’t have any stress you need to work out…

Ahem. Not really sure where that came from! I just really am loving this malewife business, and my slutty little apron, too. To Mistress Charlotte – thank you for tweeting out the word “malewife” a few months ago and kicking all this off! And to you, dear reader, thanks for reading.

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