Cake Quest #1 (Resolutions, Day 158)

Have you ever heard of the Stepford Wives? It’s a name I’ve always sort of had in the back of my head, and I sort of knew what it referred to, but I never exactly knew the details of it. I saw someone refer to Stepfordisation in a kinky context earlier, though, so I decided to look it up. Seeing as you’re reading my blog, you’re clearly very intelligent and well-read, so I probably don’t need to give you the details, but the gist of it is that there was a story in which regular women were turned into submissive, compliant, mindless housewives. Cooking, and cleaning, and serving their partner’s needs – you get the idea. And it occurred to me as I was reading that, hey, doesn’t that sound a little familiar? Here’s the kicker – turns out the story presents it as if it’s a bad thing. Can you believe that? I’ve only been doing malewife stuff now for… oh, however long it’s been, and I’m having an excellent time! No need to worry about what I should be doing, no stress – I get to provide joy for somebody I care about a great deal, putting her pleasure first and foremost in all things, while also subverting traditional gender roles and learning these awesome-fun new skills! Embroidery, baking, wearing a slutty apron, wearing a slutty apron and getting railed in the kitchen… The list goes on.

Seriously, though, I really am enjoying these continuing malewife adventures. And I think Mistress Charlotte is, too! Which, I guess is obvious – after all, if she weren’t, we… wouldn’t be doing them, y’know? Today was the first step towards Mistress’s second wifey skill that I’ll be training myself on this month – that’s right, I attempted my first Victoria Sponge cake! It… was certainly a learning experience. For one, I learned to get all the ingredients out of the fridge well before I start the baking process – I got myself so caught up with the other required steps (clothing off, slutty apron on, plugged, and playing Mistress’s Project Trance-Formation) that I kind of forgot that had been a thing during the soufflé attempts. Because I didn’t, though, it meant the butter was much harder to mix with the sugar than it should’ve been, and what was meant to be light and fluffy ended up taking on more of a “scrambled egg” texture – ironically, before I’d even added the actual eggs! By the time I got around to combining the butter/sugar/egg mixture with the flour, it’d recovered somewhat, but I suspect that’s the main reason they turned out like, well…

Your eyes may deceive you – these are not, in fact, two massive cookies.

I think they also got a little over-done in the oven? I may have to spend less time in the docking station next time – oh, yes, that was another condition for this June wifey skill #2 training: while the cake is in the oven, I’m to spend my time kneeling in the “docking station”, nose to the wall and dildo down my throat, to work on my June wifey skill #1 training. Unfortunately I couldn’t quite last the full 25 minutes just yet – but I’m getting there. Anyway, back to the cake. Truthfully, they weren’t as bad as I feared they would be. But, IDK if the soufflé success just had me over-confident, or what – but I was kind of expecting to do a little better than this. In retrospect, I don’t really know why – this is my first time baking a cake in quite possibly decades! Realistically, it makes sense for it not to turn out that hot! And yet, I was a little bummed that it didn’t turn out exactly like the picture in the book.

The taste wasn’t actually too bad, which I was pleased about. A little denser than it should be, yeah, but it was still “nice”. I ended up eating, like, nearly half of it over the course of the day? So there’s still another half in the fridge that I really DK what I’m going to do with. If it keeps alright by tomorrow then I might just polish it off? Mistress suggested, once I have a successful one, that I bring it over to offer to one of my neighbours, citing that that’s what any housewife would do. Which is a pretty hard point to argue.

Ultimately, though, while it was an OK first attempt, the goal was perfection, and this certainly fell short. Mistress had me spank myself thirty times with a wooden spoon, and trust me when I say that they were not light taps, either. I thought to myself “if Mistress weren’t limited by the small issue of 13,000km of distance between us, how hard would she smack me?” and sort of went from there. Suffice to say, she would’ve done a damn good job, and I like to think I emulated it rather well. No letting up just because she’s not physically present! She did wish me good luck for next time, though. Haven’t decided yet if I’ll be trying again tomorrow, or if one cake is enough for a weekend – we will have to see. Thanks for reading!

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