Some Misc Thoughts (Resolutions, Day 154)

Yeah, there’s not really much of a grand plan for this one, I’m just gonna start writing what’s in my head and we’ll just see how it goes from there! Although there is one thing I’ve been thinking would make a good blog for a while now, but between wifey tasks, and talking about deepthroat records, and talking about other wifey tasks, there hasn’t really been space for it. So I’m gonna do it now!

This is something I’ve sort of addressed once or twice on here before, I think, but with some recent malewife developments it’s probably worth talking about once again. And that’s “the lack of gender/orientation fuckery in a series of kinks that seem more and more inextricably linked to said fuckery”! Like, it seems inevitable to me that comparisons would be drawn between this whole malewife business and the classic feminisation/sissification kink, and while nobody’s actually said anything to me, it’s still something I’ve been thinking about. It makes sense, right – I’m embracing a lot of “traditionally feminine” roles, also literally calling myself a wife, also also wearing a slutty maid apron and nothing else on the regular. Surely there’s something gender-related going on in there, right? And the answer is… not really!

Like, yeah, there’s obviously a sense of role reversal, which itself is kind of weird – after all, I certainly don’t expect this role to normally be filled by any woman, let alone Mistress Charlotte. It’s not like “yeah, OK, I’ll do this for a while because it’s hot, but you have to go back to it afterwards” y’know? But there’s just not that angle of wanting to make me into a woman, or an imitation of one, from either side of the D/s slash. If it were already one of my kinks, or if it were a bigger one for Mistress, then maybe things would be different. But as it stands, it’s not something that (I believe) either of us are particularly into. I once asked Mistress what it was that she was enjoying so much about the malewife kink, and she summed it up really nicely with:

  • Placing me in a subservient role,
  • Removing any outside worries or concerns,
  • Making pleasing her by tending to her comforts my foremost priority, and
  • Seeing me say “Y’know what? Traditional female roles have major value, and are kind of awesome”.

No gender fuckery required! Despite me, as I say, calling myself a good little wifey, wearing a maid apron, etc. etc.

The other thing I’ve been thinking about is along similar lines, and has to do with the idea that I think a lot of men get at some point in their lives – notably, that putting anything in or around your butt will make you instantly gay. Which, once you think about it for, like, a second, doesn’t really hold up at all. How could doing something with your own butt be gay? Is the gayest part of “gay sex” truly your own ass? Are you sure it’s not, you know, the other man putting his dick into you? Now, admittedly, I have been thinking about this in the context of Mistress’s first wifey skill for June – the no-gagging deepthroat endurance challenge. I’ve been locked into that docking station for 10+ minutes at a time, so I’ve certainly had plenty of time to think – not much else to do down there, other than get my head at the right angle so I can squint at my phone. And, yeah, when you’ve got a nine-inch dildo filling up your throat (apparently only 6.5″ insertable length, but it totally feels like more), and it’s veiny, and it’s got surprisingly realistic balls, you do start to wonder… Could this be a little bit gay?

Again, though, I don’t think so. This I feel makes more sense than butt stuff, to be fair – it’s clearly intended as a simulacrum of a real penis, which are often male-owned. But even ignoring the fact that there are plenty of women with dicks out there – this still isn’t a dick. I mean, obviously, right? It’s mounted on my wardrobe door, for goodness’ sake. And, to clarify – if, during my training, I’d been thinking “gosh I wish this were a real dick”, then yeah, that might be a bit gay. But I’m not. I am wishing it were a real strap-on, attached to a real Mistress who was physically holding me in place instead of just mentally – but, uh, that’s beside the point.

OK, then – what is the point? Well… I guess that everything is made up, and you can feel however you want about whatever you want. To me, I can come away from these kinks feeling like just as much of a straight dude as I did before. And if your experience is different, that’s great! I just wanted to put into words some weird thoughts that had been going around my head. Thanks for reading.

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