Fully Charged (Resolutions, Day 152)

Bleh, once again I’ve left this too late, and now (despite the title, I know) I’m too tired to do anything but go to bed. So this probably won’t be too long, sorry!

Mistress Charlotte’s wife skill training #1, the deepthroat endurance challenge, is continuing apace! I spent another continuous 10+ minutes in the docking station during both the morning and evening trainings, and both on my first attempt, too! Today’s record was 11:16.46, as I’m still continuing to add on 30 seconds to each personal best I set. Honestly it feels sometimes like I could just keep going indefinitely – if anything, the barrier there isn’t me gagging around the silicone cock in my throat, it’s the awkward position I have to be in to keep it there. Technically, Mistress’s task doesn’t actually specify that I need to be on my knees while my throat is stuffed full, but I mean, c’mon. I’m training to be able and available to take her strap at any time, and that’s most likely to involve me being on my knees, so I’d be better off just getting used to it. Not 100% sure how the logistics of that would work out, seeing as we’re approximately the same height when I’m on my knees, but y’know what? If that ever turns out to be an issue, I’m pretty confident Mistress Charlotte will find a way around it. It might be a little less comfortable for me, but hey, my pleasure isn’t the goal here, is it?

I discovered today that I actually can breathe through my mouth when my throat is stuffed! I have to be careful about it, but it can happen! There’s not really much benefit to it, though, other than as a way to mix things up while I’m concentrating on being a slut for ten minutes. It does make me drool a little more, I think? Which, btw, it’s a weird feeling, but having drool just sort of pour uncontrollably out of my mouth is kinda hot, for some reason. I guess because it makes me feel especially whorish? Speaking of things that I don’t understand why they’re hot – when I get into position in the docking station, and I feel the dildo slide into its place, that “ka-chunk” sensation as it passes some barrier never intended to be breached by a silicone dick… It really does something to me. Just, this solid presence, deep in my throat. I can’t breathe normally, I can’t talk except for the sluttiest of moans – because Mistress has decided that those things are less important than me keeping this dildo inside me. Phew, my cage is getting all hot and bothered just writing about it. It’s a nice distraction to get me through the first few minutes, at least. By the time I’m, like, five or six minutes in, it’s not quite as sexy, my cage is feeling much less tight, and I’m just focusing on the task.

And yet! Every time I’ve done it so far – hell, every time I’ve deepthroated a dildo in the past, I think – it’s always had the same effect on me. Something about me just finds the act hot as hell. I wonder why! Much to think about. Oh, I also went shopping for baking supplies for Mistress’s Wifey Skill #2, but… I’m too tired to write about them now, they can wait until tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

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