Catching You Up (Resolutions, Day 153)

Oh, right, I was going to talk about the shopping I did yesterday, wasn’t I? Well, there’s not much to discuss, honestly – it’s Queen’s Birthday weekend here, which means not only a public holiday on Monday (today), but also big sales just about everywhere! My kitchen had been feeling a tad bit sparse anyway, and when i looked up the cake pan I would need for Mistress’s- wait. I never mentioned Mistress’s second wifey task for the month either, did I?! Christ, I must have been tired yesterday. OK, hold up, we’ll need to go back a little.

So! My slut throat’s capacity for endurance ended up being quite a surprise, at least to me. Mistress Charlotte had mentioned from the start that she had a second wifey task in mind for the month, depending on how well I did with the first one, so maybe she already knew I had the capacity to be a single-minded whore? It certainly wouldn’t be the first time she’d known more about me than I knew myself. Anyway, after I set my first record over ten minutes, she explained the details of the second malewife task – which would be running alongside the first one, not replacing it. It’s important for a good house-whore to be multi-talented, after all. The second task is much more… domestic, shall we say. I will be baking a perfect, traditional Victoria Sponge cake – and not just any cake, but one according to Mistress’s favourite time-tested recipe. She sent me a picture of it, and – you know that one recipe you have in your house that’s all splattered with various ingredients, that’s been around for approximately a thousand years, the one you’d probably call “well-loved”? It’s one of those.

It looks a little something like this

Suffice to say, it has a lot of sentimental value to her, which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that she would share it with me, honestly. With that, though, is a decently-sized bundle of nerves, seeing as now I’m going to have to make a perfect one. But, then, being able to make a favourite recipe on demand is a pretty crucial skill for any malewife, right? Plus, she wants me to do it, which means quite simply that I will. Maybe I’m just feeling a little over-confident after the soufflé success, but I’m not expecting this one to be as difficult! Hopefully, anyway – any failed attempt will mean, uh, an entire cake I have to eat, so it’s really in my best interests to nail this one as soon as possible. Just think of my figure! 😱 The rules, by the way, are much the same as they were for the soufflé sluttery – I’ll be doing the baking naked (save for my malewife uniform (which is code for the slutty Slut apron)), and I’ll also be plugged, collared, and listening to Project Trance-Formation the entire time. Focus, Mistress says, is an important skill for any aspiring malewife to learn – and if I can focus around Mistress’s voice in my ear telling me that I was made to serve and obey, then I can focus on anything. There is, uh, one extra addendum to the rules for this task, though – I’ll be spending the time the cake is in the oven back at the docking station. That’s twenty-five minutes, for those of you keeping track at home. Like I said, good sluts are multi-talented.

Anyway, blah blah blah, Queen’s Birthday sales, OK we’re back where we started. Truly, I just went there to get a couple of things – a cake pan for this task, for starters, as well as some decent kitchen scissors that aren’t blunt as anything. I’d also been wanting a little brush / tiny silicone spatula for brushing the butter onto the insides of the soufflé ramekins, and while that’s no longer a going concern, I figured it’d also be a good idea to grab one of those. Ideally I would grab two cake pans, because (as you can see in the picture) the idea is that you bake both halves, then stick them together with some jam in the middle. Mistress said that technically I only needed one, but – just between you and me, dear reader – I have a sneaking suspicion she just wanted me to spend twice as long in the docking station. I did manage to find two, in the end, but honestly? If she wants me there twice as long, she can just tell me to, and then that’s how it is. There’s nothing I can really do about it anyway, y’know?

While I was shopping, though I also grabbed a six-muffin pan (because it was insanely cheap, and you never know!) a couple more plastic containers for taking lunches into work, a wire rack for the cake to go on, aaaand a little sink caddy thing for brushes and the like to sit in. I was extraordinarily tempted to get a wok, because I’ve been thinking about trying to make fried rice recently, but I figure I should at least try with my normal frying pan first and then see how we do. I actually made some for dinner tonight! Pretty tasty, really easy. Would recommend! Oh, one last thing – today’s deepthroat records were 11:50.66 and 12.25.48. At this rate I’ll be over half an hour by the end of the month!

…why is that so hot to me? Thanks for reading. 🔥

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