Even More Slutty (Resolutions, Day 151)

You know, if these blogs were Pokemon, we’d be at Mew right now. That’s the end of the original 151! Farewell, Kanto, we’re moving into Johto from here on out. Gold/Silver/Crystal are possibly my favourite Pokemon games, though (or maybe their remakes on the DS) so this might be a good sign. We’ll see!

Today marked the second day of Mistress Charlotte’s wife skill training for June – which, if you missed yesterday’s blog, is to hold a dildo in my throat for as long as Mistress specifies, without gagging. And, much like the first day, I learned some very interesting new things! Firstly is a bit of a disappointment – it turns out that once you get pretty good at holding a dildo in your throat, it’s MUCH less drooly and sloppy. It makes sense – I’m breathing through my nose pretty much constantly, and without gagging there’s not nearly as much drool/tears in the eyes. Which in a sense is a good thing, less having to clean myself up, but also? That part was kinda hot, not gonna lie. The second thing I learned, though, is that I didn’t just under-sell myself when I said I could last ~10 seconds – I MASSIVELY undersold myself.

See, you may recall from yesterday that after I posted a couple of times over a minute, Mistress changed the parameters of the task – from reaching the 20 second threshold, to achieving a consistent minute of filled-throat goodness. Which makes sense – while I could get to a minute in some attempts, there were also plenty that bombed out almost immediately. However, when I got on my knees for training this morning, I ended posting a time of over three minutes. 3:38, to be exact. Seriously, once you get into the rhythm of nasal breathing, not very much moving, and careful swallowing, it’s actually not that bad! What stunned me the most, though, is that there were s couple of times where I felt like I was going to gag – and then I didn’t. Almost like I was able to suppress it. That impressed me more than the 3+ minute record, almost. Mistress was very pleased, though! So much so that she changed the parameters again – as is her right, naturally. I’m training to be a good wife for her, after all, which means being able to do what she wants me to. Now, whenever I set a new record, the time limit will increase by an extra thirty seconds. But that doesn’t mean I’ll be aiming for a minute thirty, now – it means I’m aiming for 4:08. Thirty seconds added on to my previous record.

(Which I actually ended up beating in that same training period – setting a new new record of 5:10.)

And then, before long, the evening training rolled around. I did some other Non-Slutty Stuff during the day, but frankly who cares about that? Once again, I got on my knees into my little deepthroat spot. Mistress liked the idea of screwing a steel ring into the wall and locking her collar to it – keeping me in place while I charge at the docking station. Which, yes, that’s what it’s called now, deal with it. Anyway, I got into position in the docking station, got some dildo in my throat, and started the timer. And I kept calm, and breathed slowly. I actually (very slowly) made my way down the last inch or two of dildo while I was there, so I ended up with my nose pressed to the wall, chin resting on some silicone balls. And I just kept breathing. Sometimes eyes open, usually closed, but throughout it all I kept breathing calmly through my nose. It eventually got to a point where the position I was in became too awkward and sore on my knees to maintain, so I (very carefully) pulled the dildo off the wardrobe door, still balls-deep in my throat, and moved myself around a little. And still, even then, I kept going. Finally, when the stopwatch got to ten minutes, I decided that was enough, and withdrew the drooly mess from my topmost sluthole. A full ten minutes, right from my first attempt of the training period. That WAS the training period! And I could’ve kept going, too. The thought of that kinda thrilled me – I actually could be indefinitely stuffed full, kept under Mistress’s desk as a strap-on warmer, her conscious object. I was genuinely shocked, though – who’d’ve thought? I must be a natural.

Mistress was pleased, too, which I always love. She also enjoyed the little drone-esque photoshoot I set up – in her words, I took her slutty task, and made it even MORE slutty. It’s a charging station, after all – perfect for a nameless, faceless drone to sit at and have their throat stuffed full, on the Creator’s order. And so, she initiated my second wifey skill training task for the month. But… I think I’ll tell you about that tomorrow. Can’t spend all my sluttery in one place, you know? Thanks for reading.

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