New Month, New Wife Skill (Resolutions, Day 150)

Yes, indeed, June has properly begun! Happy pride month! Here in the southern hemisphere, the nights are getting longer, and the days are getting colder. Which I love, personally! Despite being a massive slut, I do really enjoy being able to wear layers again. But the winter weather is no excuse for a good housewife to stop improving his skills for his Mistress! Thankfully, though, I don’t need to choose what my next house-whore skill is. Or, honestly, I should say I don’t get to choose what it is. She knows what’s best for me, after all, why would I have any say in what it is? I’m doing it for her pleasure, after all, and of course she knows that better than anybody. It’s always nice to better myself for her.

To quickly recap, then – previous key malewife skills have been slutty embroidery (a crucial skill for any good wife) and baking the perfect soufflĂ© (to serve before a night of debauchery, at which I would most likely also be the night’s entertainment). So what would be the next skill to follow that? Well, as a start, while it’s still very domestic, it’s a little less of a… traditional wife skill, shall we say. Or, well, that’s not quite true – in a certain shitty stereotype sense, it’s actually a very traditional wife skill, right up there with being barefoot and pregnant, and getting in the kitchen and making me a sandwich. Point is, though, I don’t think I’ll be bragging about this one to my colleagues in the office, let’s just say that much.

See, this task started with Mistress asking one very crucial question. How long can I hold a dildo in my throat? Now, it’s been a while since I’ve done any throat-based work, and I didn’t know off the top of my head, so I did what any self-respecting slut (or not so self-respecting, sometimes) would do, and rolled over to grab a dildo from my bedside drawer and find out. I was definitely out of practice, and after a few goes I was still gagging after only, like, ten seconds. Turns out I was under-selling myself! But we’ll get to that in a bit. Mistress Charlotte gave me the target goal of getting to twenty seconds over the course of this month, with two five to ten minute training sessions every day. No movement, no thrusting into my throat – just holding it there, without gagging. Like a good little hole.

My first training session was this morning! And, I have to say, straight away I learned some things. Number one is that I’m going to need to put a towel down every time, and in fact it’s probably easier for a number of reasons to do it naked. Trust me when I say there was drool everywhere. The second is that nasal breathing is probably the best way to go – and, as such, it’s good to have some tissues nearby, because I needed to blow my nose a good couple times. Turns out stuffing your throat full really turns on the works! I was sniffling, my eyes were watering… If I was wearing makeup, I would’ve had mascara running everywhere, a real smudged, slutty mess – as it was, I was just a regular slutty mess. The third thing I learned is that for some reason, filling my throat with dildo is incredibly hot to me, and I had to take a couple breaks to ensure my chastity didn’t kill me. I don’t know what it is! Is it like a evolutionary, “he can’t breathe, quickly divert all resources to his dick in the hope of creating the next generation” type thing? I think I’ve heard that’s why choking and the like really gets people going. Whatever the case, I just know that imagining being on my knees before my Mistress, as she holds my head in place and fills me with her cock… Mmmf. Even when I did gag, my body made sure to tell me it liked what was going on. Message received!

Lastly, though, like I said earlier – I also learned that I really undersold myself with that ~10 second estimate. True, I had quite a few attempts end around that mark. But I also had a couple that lasted over a minute! Today’s best time was 1:07.40, which I don’t think is too shabby! The key really is nasal breathing – take your time, feel it slide into place in your throat (where it belongs, where you belong), and then calmly try and breathe through your nose. You’ll still have to swallow a few times, but if you’re calm about it, stay nice and Zen, you’ll be OK. I just accepted that this is my place, on my knees, throat full of dildo, and it really worked! A couple of times, anyway.

Mistress was pleased, though! So much so that she’s amended my initial task – now I need to try and achieve a consistent minute, throat full, no gagging. I’m thinking this won’t be too bad once I get some proper practice in, but I guess we’ll see! Fun times ahead – it’s always good to become a better malewife for Mistress. Thanks for reading.

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