Something New (Resolutions, Day 149)

So, even long-time fans of my particular brand of sluttery may not know this, but I’ve never been one for most hot drinks. I love a good chocolate, or even an average one, but tea has never really appealed to me, and I outright just don’t like the smell of coffee. That, and the “haha, I can’t function without my coffee in the morning” thing has always seemed a bit weird to me. So at work, I’ll grab a hot chocolate if we’re going out for a coffee run, otherwise I’ll stick to water. At home, it’s much the same – juice with breakfast, a (diet) soft drink with dinner, and a water bottle by my desk that I usually don’t pay as much attention to as I should.

But the other day, one of m’colleagues asked if I wanted a peppermint tea. I declined, because I’m a polite boy, but it definitely got me thinking. I do like peppermint – maybe this is my start! So on my next shop, I went and picked up a box of peppermint teabags. And, while I was there, I saw another flavour that I love – one that’s typically very divisive. That’s right, I got a box of liquorice teabags as well. I suspected that this would turn out to be the same thing that happens when I try whiskies with friends – I see a flavour that mentions “butterscotch”, or “notes of vanilla” or whatever, and when I try it – surprise, it’s whiskey. But this is tea! Everybody likes tea! Surely it can’t be bad. Well, I tried the pep first. I didn’t really know how much water to use – sure, it mentioned an amount on the side, but it’s teabag + water, surely I don’t need to read the instructions? Gotta say – I did not love it. It pretty much just tasted like hot water, so maybe I got my ratios wrong? Later in the day I tried the liquorice, with the prescribed amount of water this time, and it had a lot more flavour than before, but I still wouldn’t say I was “a fan”. And then, going completely off book, I added some milk and sugar. I’ve added milk to thousands of teas for my parents over the years, but they’ve never had sugar. So I might be committing some kind of tea crime here, especially given it’s herbal and not just regular tea. But you know what? I’m going to keep trying. And not just because I’ve already got the teabags – they were pretty cheap. But I think it’s something I’d like to get into, so I’m going to make an actual attempt. Maybe I’ll try adding honey? That’s a thing, right?

Why do I mention this here in my slut blog? Well, for one, I didn’t really have anything else in mind. But also, it reminded me of how getting into new slut activities has gone, too. Trying new things isn’t always the easiest thing in the world – it can be scary, and it doesn’t always work out right away, either. Like, back in the day, I thought I didn’t like anal, if you can believe it. Now, of course, I’m a total whore for it. But that only came with trying it again, and again.

Some new things, on the other hand, come to you straight away. Like this whole malewife business! Completely brand new to me, not something I ever thought I’d be into, never really even thought about it as an option until I saw Mistress Charlotte bring it up. But now, of course, it’s an absolute delight. Funny how things work out, isn’t it? Thanks for reading.

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