Remote Control (Resolutions, Day 148)

So, yesterday, I wrote about how I went clothes shopping for the first time in a while. And it got me thinking about – what else? – how clothing choices can tie into D/s dynamics. Not necessarily in the way you might think – I’m not talking about how a latex catsuit or full leather makes a Domme even more dominant or anything. Which, by the way, isn’t even true – Dommes are just as powerful when they’re in comfy pyjamas as they are in killer stilettos. But I’d like to think we all know that by now. No, what I was thinking about is more related to a sub giving up control over what they wear to their superiors. And what better way to find out what people think about this idea than putting up a poll? So that’s exactly what I did:

I’m genuinely surprised how many votes this poll has so far! The results are currently about what I’d expect – just about everyone seems to think it’s a pretty sexy idea. But I’ve really loved hearing from people sharing their thoughts on it!

This point from @Ellechemy really cut precisely to the heart of what I had in mind when I was thinking about this, in that it combines very much being in control over what the sub’s wearing, while also not being a constant drain/stress for the Domme, with all the constant micro-management of having to come up with an outfit for them every day. This way, what they’re wearing is still within the Domme’s purview – even if the sub’s making some of their own choices, they’re still choosing from a range of Domme-approved items. And then, as Ellechemy mentions, there’s always the opportunity of stepping in and assuming direct control when they feel like it.

This point, from @ZANTOSA1, is also important, because it goes over something that I perhaps should have mentioned earlier. When I say control over what a sub can wear, I don’t necessarily mean sissying them up, dressing them “””like a girl”””, or putting them in a maid uniform or what have you. And, again in the same vein, I’m not talking about literally dressing them, as if they’re incapable of doing it themselves. I’m more talking about their everyday outfits, the things they wear to work, or going out to see friends in. Perfectly normal clothes – that don’t even have “SLUT” embroidered onto the back! – but just not allowing them the choice of their own. As she pointed out in a later tweet, somebody’s everyday clothes really do speak an entire language to the people they see and interact with, and so having complete – or even partial – control over that is pretty powerful, and pretty cool.

I think something else that is really making me think about this idea is that it’s perfectly achievable from any distance. I mean, there would certainly be benefits to doing it with a local sub – it’s much less hassle to see them dressed in your outfit, for instance, or change any bits that aren’t working out for you (or that you just feel like changing for fun). But those can certainly be ameliorated through the power of technology. On top of that, it also kind of reminds me of a tweet Mistress Charlotte posted a couple of weeks ago:

Imagine that – a totally customised, remote control, toy slut, able to be used, controlled, and played with from anywhere in the world. Dress it up in whatever you please, and then send it out on the town, to see and be seen. Send them to visit a café, or take a nice stroll along the river – hell, even take them clothes shopping to add to their new wardrobe, why not? It’s all up to you. Is it normal to find that idea kind of incredibly sexy? Well, according to the results on that poll, actually maybe it is? On the other hand, Mistress once commented that I would be likely to give a double thumbs-up to the idea of literally being caged and hypnotically headphoned 24/7, so perhaps I’m not the best person to judge what’s “normal” to find hot and what isn’t. On the third hand, though – fuck normal. We’ve got ourselves a new normal, now. And, frankly, nothing else really compares. Thanks for reading.

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