Floral Fortune (Resolutions, Day 147)

So the other night, I got an email telling me to check my IRD account for details on my income tax assessment. So I open it up, not expecting much of anything, but figuring I may as well check it – and what do I find, but a rather sizeable tax return! Which was a really lovely surprise. After (sadly) doing the sensible thing and throwing most of it into replenishing my savings account, I picked up a couple of books from Mistress Charlotte’s wishlist – because what better use is there for surprise money than getting surprise gifts for the ones you care about? She recommended I save some to treat myself with, though, and while I could’ve said something sappy like “treating you DOES treat me, Mistress” (well, sappy and true in that example), I knew that wasn’t what she was meaning.

But what does a slut treat himself to? One of my first thoughts was a really nice buttplug, like the Square Peg Toys Egg Plug, or Oxballs’ Ergo Plug, but even with a good chunk of change behind me, I just can’t justify those shipping costs. Even from online stores that are only shipping from Australia, the base item costs are so ridiculously inflated that it pretty much works out to the same amount! I’ll have to do some research into what other super-soft plugs exist in the world, because I really do love the sound of them. My current plugs are, fine, but I got them years ago when I was just getting into anal, and if memory serves I even got them off AliExpress, so they’re not exactly quality. They’re just kind of… rigid, and that doesn’t always gel well with what my body’s feeling. Other than that, though, there aren’t really any toys I had in mind to pick up – and if Mistress Charlotte has anything in mind for me, she’s keeping it a secret for now.

(Side note: I happen to know she does have something in mind for me, because she made reference to telling me about my June assignment next week. Fun times ahead! (Maybe.))

Anyway, so that took most traditional slutty items off the board. I’ve got a million billion games already in my backlog, and I’m usually not shy about adding more, so I don’t really need any more help there. Then I remembered – when we went out for post-work Friday drinks, the bartender had this amazing floral shirt, and I knew exactly which store he got it from – the same one I got all my floral shirts from. So I stopped by there after work today, and grabbed a different shirt (sadly his one wasn’t there) as well as a nice pair of pants for work and some fun new socks. At this point I think I could show up to work in a different floral shirt every day of the week, which is kind of hilarious. I just really like them, I guess! They’re so much more interesting than your standard patterns.

Anyway, that was my treat. Nothing fancy, not breaking the bank – but it’s been a really long time since I’ve bought new clothes, honestly. I might take a look around a few more stores over the next few days, see if I can find any especially nice sales. Thanks for reading.

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