Soufflé Show-off (Resolutions, Day 146)

So, you remember how yesterday, I showed my mum the results of my soufflé endeavours? Well, apparently that gave me a taste for it, because I was sharing the news of the perfect soufflé all over work. At first, it was simply a way of answering “how was your weekend?” – a more interesting answer than “did some washing and laid on the couch”, anyway. But as the day went on, I was telling more and more people – less just to make conversation, and more because… Well, honestly? I kind of wanted to show off about something I worked rather hard at, something I’m pretty proud of. People actually took it really well! I thought they’d be all “uh, you made soufflés? Cool, I guess, but why”. But there really wasn’t any of that!

I did have to make a couple of adjustments to the story, however, for more… sensitive listeners. Some parts stayed the same, like how I liked the sound of baking because people said it was about following precise, specific instructions, whereas regular cooking can be a bit more “Ah just throw in a pinch of that, pour in about this much, yeah that’s good enough”. Other parts needed a serious rewrite though – for instance, as we all know, I chose soufflés because it was something small that I’d be able to eat myself, compared to an entire batch of biscuits or loaf of bread. It certainly wasn’t because my dominant Mistress thought it would be an excellent skill for any slutty house-whore malewife to perfect. And when I mentioned that I’d been baking on the weekend, I may have conveniently left out that I was doing it while dressed in a slutty apron (and nothing else), stuffed full with a buttplug, and listening to that very same Mistress tell me that I live to be controlled and obey my superiors. Somehow I suspect that part wouldn’t have gone over quite as well as it does with you perverts.

But yeah! It was pretty fun to be able to show off my new skill to some more people. I did have to be very careful when navigating my photo gallery though, there’s still a picture or two of me getting bent over the kitchen counter that I’d still like to keep to myself for the time being… Overall, though, it was a really nice feeling. People seemed, like, impressed with this new skill I’ve got – a skill I’d never have perfected if Mistress hadn’t decided I needed to. I think I’ve said this before, but the sensation of feeling myself actively becoming better for her – a better slut, slave, wife, object, toy, you name it – is truly something special. It’s still a little hard to explain the malewife concept – this idea of being put in a role reversal type situation, even when the idea of a woman becoming a “””good wife””” isn’t a role that either of us necessarily believe in. But, as Mistress has said to me in the past, these traditional female roles really do have some incredible value, and I’ve been able to do some great things after exploring them. And I don’t need to be a woman, or imitate one, to realise that. Not that there’s anything wrong with that either, but you know what I mean. I’m a man, and I’m also finding great value in embracing these stereotypical wifey skills. Simple as that.

Pretty embroideries, delicious soufflés, and we’re really only just getting started. I wonder where she’ll take me next? I look forward to finding out. Thanks for reading.

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