Soufflé Quest #7, and…? (Resolutions, Day 144)

I truly couldn’t believe that my last soufflé attempts were only a week ago! It felt like SO much longer, but it really was just last weekend. Crazy! Despite the days getting colder and colder here, today was actually surprisingly nice and sunny – which meant it could be A Laundry Day. I know I’m such a broken record about this at this point, but I really can’t say it enough – Mistress Charlotte’s Project Trance-Formation is so goddamn good. I’ve had it on loop all day long, and for however many other past Laundry Days, and I still enjoy it so much.

Yup, this was my day. No thoughts, head empty.

This is probably going to be pretty short and disjointed, because it’s very late here and I’m really rather tired. The important thing to get down is the soufflé attempt. I admit, I was feeling pretty disheartened after last weekend’s frankly tragic failures. So I made absolutely sure this time to do everything right. I used a smidge less butter in the chocolate mix, because I was reasonably sure that was what caused the last one to be so fucked up. I made sure to get a better estimate of how much a quarter of all these ingredients were – remember, I’m adapting a recipe meant for four down to a single soufflé serving. I used the hand mixer again, but I kept it on a lower setting this time, despite the original recipe I followed saying to do it on high. I also compared and contrasted with a very similar recipe – in fact, it was the NY Times recipe that the one I had been following was based off. I think she’d made a few tweaks to better suit her tastes? Anyway, that helped quite a bit (thank you, Mistress Charlotte, for suggesting I change recipes! 😘) – the NY Times one only mixed at “medium” speed. Is that what made the difference today? No idea!

I also folded the egg white in much slower and gentler – not like I’d been going wild with it before, mind, but I took extra care this time. I coated the ramekin with butter and dusted it with sugar, and I tied a nice little thing of baking paper around the outside, to help it rise. If anything, that was probably the biggest issue with this one – as you’ll soon see! Because, dear reader – this was the perfect soufflé.

Even while it was still in the oven, I feel like I could tell it was a special one. It just looked… right, y’know? I was actually getting quite nervous at this point, tell you the truth – it looked so good, and I was just about out of time to complete Mistress’s wife-skill task. So I set a timer for ten minutes – not enough for it to finish baking, but enough that I could come back and start checking on it then, save me sitting there staring at it for ten full minutes. I tidied up and pottered around, the whole time thinking “oh god, please don’t crack on the top”. Because I never really figured out why that happened in some of the other attempts! But it didn’t. And when I eventually decided that enough was enough and it was time to take it out…

I mean, look at that.

Isn’t it a thing of beauty! I was genuinely really fucking proud to see that. Admittedly, I was ever so slightly less proud when I turned it around to see, well…

I mean, look at that…

Sadly, the strip of baking paper I had cut didn’t quite fully meet up at the ends, so this part didn’t rise nearly as well. Which is a bit of a shame, but not really a big deal. Definitely something I could easily fix for next time. And, my Goddess, the crunch it made when I dipped the spoon in. It was, and I really don’t mean to brag, but also I kind of do because I’m actually really proud of this, beautiful.

Apologies for the excited slut commentary.

So yeah! I showed it to Mistress and she deemed it, indeed, perfect! Goal achieved, task completed. She even said she’d happily serve it to her friends, which, wow! Being useful to Mistress > and to her friends > in a submissive malewife way > that allows her to show off and be proud of her property? It’s a bunch of fantasies in one! So I was obviously really pleased to hear that. After last weekend, I truly was thinking I’d end up failing this task. Which would have been a massive disappointment for not only me, but Mistress Charlotte, too – and then that turns into a double disappointment for me. I’m glad to have met her expectations of me, learned a new wifey skill, and earned some truly lovely praise at the same time. Thank you, Mistress, for a genuinely incredible task! And to you, reader – thanks for reading.

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