Inspection Eve (Resolutions, Day 141)

Yup, it’s just about the day. Despite how much I’ve been saying that I’m not really worried about it, now that I know roughly how intensely they’re going to check the place out – I am still a little worried about it. So today was, like, 30% working from home, 70% getting distracted and going to clean something. Even now, right before winding down for the day, I’m realising how much stuff I haven’t tidied up in my room. I may have been a little too chill about this one? Honestly, though, if it’s anything like last time I’ll probably be absolutely fine. It’s not like my place was a tip to begin with – it didn’t really need that much of a clean anyway, just a few areas that needed a little focused attention. At the end of the day, they’re not here to check whether my apartment is pristine or not, they just want to make sure I’m not wrecking the place, or doing anything illegal. Which I’m not! So, great.

I have put a lot of my sluttier stuff away, though. Which has left the whole place feeling a lot more… sterile, than I would’ve expected. I think at some point, I really just need to get a lot more things to put around the place – things that I wouldn’t mind other people actually seeing, that is. Like, I have a few posters I wouldn’t mind putting on display – but then I think about it’d look so much nicer if I framed them, and then I look up the price of poster frames, and then I cry a little bit… But I digress. The exception to all of that, though, is Mistress Charlotte’s collar. Which will not be in its normal pride of place around her property’s neck, nor on its special little hook beside the door. No, it’ll be… right here:

Yes, just left lying there on the kitchen counter, casual as you like, conspicuous as anything. As if it were just left there after being taken off a puppy who’s just come in from a walk. Normally, it actually goes on after the puppy comes home from his walk, but that’s not the point here. Now, you might be wondering, “Morgan, why leave that out like that? Are you dumb?”. And to that I say, kind of, a little bit, yeah. See, this came up from a conversation I had with Mistress Charlotte about this very same inspection. She dared me to leave her collar out like this, all obvious and eye-catching. This was specifically not an order, mind you – it was a dare. And, I mean, it’s all well and good saying that I’d do whatever would please her (not to imply that I don’t usually follow through on those words, I like to think I do). But if I don’t step up and give her a good chuckle at the thought of her slut, stammering and red-faced while he bumbles his way through a bullshit explanation, well… I feel like I’d be a little bit disappointed in myself, truth be told.

I think it should work out pretty fine, though! I feel like the explanation I have on hand is a pretty decent one (and thank you Mistress for providing the core of it) – my girlfriend got it for me as a joke gift, and thought it would be funny if I left it out for the inspector to see while she’s, uh, inspecting. If pressed on “what’s the joke here, that you’re a slut?”, I suspect I’ll mumble something about me being called her bitch by our friends, inside joke, etc etc. Honestly, the word “girlfriend” aside, it’s not even that far from the truth. Only, it wasn’t a joke gift – it’s a mark of my Mistress’s ownership over me, that I treasure dearly and wear every day, because it amuses her. But somehow, I don’t imagine that explanation going over quite so well, do you? Thanks for reading.

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