Routines (Resolutions, Day 139)

Nothing like a minor amount of physical exercise to make you realise just how not-actually-that-fit you really are, huh? For a while now – a couple months, maybe? – in addition to walking to work, I’ve been trying to fit in a little more exercise before I go to bed. Nothing overly strenuous (which I realise sort of goes against the idea of exercising) – some squats while I brush my teeth, and then crunches on the floor of my bedroom before I climb into bed. Enough that I at least felt like I was doing something, y’know? Has it had any effect on me? Well, not visually, at least not that I can tell – although it is hard to notice these things in yourself sometimes. Honestly, though, the thing that would make the biggest difference in that space would be less weekends sitting on the couch eating biscuits, and I’m just not sure if I’m ready for such a drastic change to my lifestyle! Recently, though, I’ve realised that while I’m pretty proud of my legs – long and decently strong as they are – my upper body is… kinda just nothing. So I did the minimal amount of research, and figured that push-ups would be a good thing to add to my pre-bed routine. “OK,” I thought to myself, “No problem! I’ll just do a set of ten to start with and then see how I feel.”

Reader – I genuinely don’t know what it is. Maybe I’ve got the form wildly incorrect, maybe my proportions are all fucked up – maybe my arms really are just that weak! But I truly cannot do a push-up. But why! I’m decent enough at carrying heavy things, but I just can’t get my arms to to what they’re supposed to. I ended up doing some “easy” push-ups, on my knees instead of having my legs stretched out, and they turned out somewhat better. Point is, though, that I’m definitely still feeling it today. I’m going to try and keep them up, though. I don’t want to become a bodybuilder or anything, and IDK how much of a dietary change I’ll end up making, but a little extra definition wouldn’t hurt, I think. It’s not like I hate how I look or anything! It’s more that I could stand to put a little more effort in, I think.

Sorry this hasn’t been much of a slutty one! There’s not much to report on that front, I’m afraid. I’ll probably be scrubbing the oven tomorrow night, so there won’t be any more soufflés until after the inspection on Thursday. But, just as there are exercise routines, I still have my own little slut routines, as well. When I come home from work, I hand up my mask, my keys, and my headphones, and buckle Mistress Charlotte’s collar around my neck. I head to the bathroom, where a buttplug is drying next to the sink, and put it into place for a while. I pour a drink into my bowl and lap it up, like a lowly slave. Even on the less slutty days, this is still my baseline – the new normal. It’s honestly comforting, in a way, to have something so familiar that I do it without even thinking. You know how people say that the trip to or from work can be similar to the experience of trance? Where your body essentially goes into auto-pilot for a while, until you end up at your destination, with little memory of how you actually got there? I feel like these routines are the same, in a way. There’s not much in the way of though going on when her collar puts itself around my neck – it just sort of happens, as a matter of course. Because that’s how she wants it to be – and so, that’s how it is. Even writing this very blog – truth be told, I don’t really know where any of these words came from. They just enter my head, and I put them to paper before I have too much time to think about them. Hope you liked them! Thanks for reading.

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