Soufflé Quest #6 (Resolutions, Day 138)

Bleh. Not gonna lie, I kinda wish I could go back to attempt #4 – I think that’s definitely been my best so far. Since then, I feel like I’ve just been getting worse, in a way. Maybe I’m overthinking it? It wouldn’t be the first time that’s been an issue for me. The problem is I don’t know exactly what’s going wrong – this one massively cracked on top, which I thought was attributed to over-beating of the egg whites. But that’s why I made sure to under-beat them this time, quite a bit! And it cracked more than ever! I think I might’ve also added too much butter to the chocolate to start with? And I have no idea what sort of effect that would have on it.

Something definitely went wrong here, I’m just not 100% sure what. Next time, I’m going to just follow the recipe as closely as I can – I think as I’ve been making more soufflés, I’ve also been going a bit more off vibes and a bit less off exact measurements. Which is what made me like the sound of baking to begin with! I don’t have many more “next times” left, though – and I’m going to have to clean the oven this week, before my inspection on Thursday. So I might only have a handful of attempts left! Considering the difference between my first attempt and, well not this one because it wasn’t great, but attempt #4 – I think it’s definitely possible. But I admit, I am starting to worry a little that I won’t make it.

Truth be told, I was also just in a bit of a weird mood while I was baking this one, and I can’t quite figure out why. Everything should’ve been fine – apron, plug, hypnotic loops in my mind, they were all there. Something was just off about this one, right from the start. And it sucks, because I really do enjoy doing these, and I’d like for my time with them to reflect that! I think maybe because I was so confident this one would be better than yesterday’s, maybe even the perfect one! And it ended up… I don’t even know if it’s better or worse? It’s just bad, but in a different way. I’m really just getting too in my own head about it – it’s not that big of a deal! Just relax, put on your slutty uniform, clear your silly little head, and do as you’re told, wifey. How hard is that?

The rest of my day was pretty fine – I vacuumed, tried out my new mop (to pretty good success, even when the spray bottle was just filled with water!), did a bit of a general tidy up. I’m not too stressed about the inspection, this time, but I would like to make sure the place is looking nice for when she comes. Thursday’s just such an awkward day – if it was on Tuesday, when it was originally scheduled, I’d be able to do all the cleaning today, and still have it essentially spotless for the big day. But Thursday? I’ll have to do a big tidy in the middle of the week, and that’s just no fun. Hopefully she isn’t any more thorough than she was last time! Thanks for reading, y’all.

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