Soufflé Quest #5 (Resolutions, Day 137)

Uuuuuugh. To quote a great man, my disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined. I mean, not really, but kinda. Let’s just get it out of the way – today’s attempt was, by pretty much all measures, an abject failure. I think, because I’m now a veteran of FIVE (5) soufflés, that I’m perhaps getting a little too confident. Part of that is justified, in that I pretty much do know the recipe by heart at this point – and part of it is not, best exemplified by the fact that I forgot the cream of tartar when I was beating the egg white. It’s not even much! It’s like, an eighth of a teaspoon for the base recipe, and that makes four soufflés! By all accounts, I wouldn’t expect 1/32 of a teaspoon missing to make a big deal. Problem is, though, I don’t know if it would’ve made a big deal or not, because I’m pretty certain today’s main issue was caused by me taking it out too early.

Look what they did to my boy! He’s GLOP!

I mean, isn’t that just a tragedy? I checked, I left it in for a good while, and when the top looked like it was starting to begin to split a little, I quickly jiggled the tray to see how wobbly it was on top – and it was pretty ok! A bit of jiggling, but not much – perfect, I thought! But when I took it out, obviously not. It’s really tricky – next time I might try beating the egg white even less? You’re supposed to go until stiff peaks, in theory, but whenever I do, it ends up cracking on top. I’ve taken a look at a couple of other recipes, and while they’re pretty similar, the way they describe the beating process makes me think I’m still going a bit too much on it, so I’ll try dialling it back for tomorrow’s attempt – with that and, uh, not forgetting an incredibly key ingredient, I’m pretty confident that it’ll be much better. Although, of course, it’d be hard to be worse. I’m still not quite used to the hand mixer, either, but that’ll just come with time and experience, I figure – and I’m bound to get plenty of both in my malewife career.

Anyway, that’s enough of that! No sense in getting too hung up on it – I fucked up, and I’ll accept whatever punishment comes of it as a learning experience. It’s a shame, too, because the rest of the bake was plenty fun – fully decked out in my slutty little uniform. Plugged, collared, aproned, and mind getting fucked by Project Trance-Formation. I mention this every time, it feels like, but they truly are delightful files. They all sort of tie together in a way that’s really nice – they all have this underlying theme of submission and having no choice but to give in to the ever-present need to submit, whether it’s obeying my Mistress or my own slutty need to be used. Overdrive and Whole lean more into the latter, focusing on the eternal craving for pleasure and sluttery, and then the aching, desperate urge to be taken, and filled, and stretched, and fucked. Slutty little ass stuffed full and ruined, until it’s nothing but a hole to be used by anyone and everyone Mistress Charlotte allows to use me. Dismantled and Blackout, meanwhile, focus less on my sluttery (although it’s certainly still part of them) and more on the aspect of having no control. She talks about how control is simply not for me – it’s not suited to me, and looks so much nicer in the hands of my superiors. It’s not something I’ve ever wanted, or needed – and really, what has it brought me anyway? Isn’t everything just so much better when it’s not there, when I offer it up willingly, to somebody who deserves it? Someone like, say, Mistress Charlotte? I think it is, and doing so hasn’t led me wrong once in three years! So clearly I must be doing something right.

In other news – the rest of my day was not as malewife as I expected. I woke up really really early to watch an esports tournament with a friend, and the result of that was I felt pretty tired throughout the rest of the day – and, in fact, accidentally fell asleep on the couch, in the sun, for a good hour or so. I got all my washing folded, but I haven’t tried out my new mop yet! That’ll be a tomorrow job, I think. Thanks for reading.

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