Happy Pink Shirt Day!(Resolutions, Day 136)

Yes, that’s right, today is Pink Shirt Day! Here in NZ, anyway, although apparently the idea was started in Canada? The idea is to “speak up, stand together, and stop bullying”, which I just love. Originally I believe it was specifically to protest homophobic bullying, although it’s grown to encompass all flavours since then. I don’t think I was bullied particularly much as a kid, other than this one guy who was just kind of a dick to me. I never did figure out why, although I imagine being a shy nerdy kid probably didn’t help much. But it’s obviously something that doesn’t just happen when you’re a kid, and it doesn’t just look like a jock pushing you into a wall and taking your lunch money, or whatever. Which is why I like workplaces encouraging everybody to take part – I think it really gets everybody to consider just what bullying is and, hopefully, stops some more problematic behaviours.

And they give out stickers!!

In other news, I picked up my new mop after work today, and I have to say – I’m unreasonably excited to try this out. It’s going to be a pretty jam-packed malewife weekend, I think! I’ve got three loads of washing from earlier in the week to fold and put away, floors to vacuum, floors to mop, surfaces to wipe down, dildos to hide in the cupboard… And, of course, soufflés to make. Unfortunately, though, my inspection date has been pushed back to Thursday – which, while it does give me more time, is just kind of annoying. I was all prepared to do it on Tuesday, dammit! Ah well. Unrelated – I just looked up and saw my slutty embroidery up on the wall, and I know I’m just going to forget and leave it out for the inspector to see.

I just KNOW it.

There’s something about looking forward to a weekend of, essentially, regular chores that’s just really hitting me, though. Part of it is certainly getting to wear my slutty little apron, although I could also just do that any time. I could even be doing it… right now. (But I’m not, it’s a chilly night here.) And, regrettably, I’m not actually doing these chores for Mistress Charlotte – as much as I’d love to be dusting her high shelves and seductively bending over to scrub the floors, sadly these chores are just for me. So why am I looking forward to it? Truthfully, I’m not too sure. I think it’s knowing that every time I do a chore, bake a soufflé, embroider a slutty phrase, it’s making me a better malewife for Mistress. And that’s something I’m always striving for.

I was kind of talking with her about this earlier, and it’s something I’ve mentioned before – the idea of her enjoyment feeding into my enjoyment, and that in turn feeding into me wanting to be a better slut, slave, wife, toy, whatever she wants. And then that energy itself feeds back into yet more pleasure for Mistress. She makes me want to be better for her, makes me want to improve myself for her further enjoyment. I try and keep that at the forefront of my mind, always – because at the end of the day, that’s what I’m really here for. To serve, and to be of service. To please and be pleasing. She mentioned that I push her creativity, which blew my mind a little bit – because to me, it’s her creativity that pushes me. I could never have come up with even half the things I’ve done for her, the tasks she devises. All I can do is submit, and obey to the best of my ability, and provide pleasure to her whenever and however possible. Which, so far, has worked out pretty well for about three years.

Of course, self-improvement and malewife practice aren’t the only ways she gets enjoyment out of me. For instance, when I told her about my upcoming inspection, she gave me not an order, but a dare. A dare to leave her collar out on the counter, rather conspicuously. The collar that, in case you forgot, has a tag bearing my own name on it. And also I obviously don’t have a dog. Kind of a hard one to explain away! I suspect there’ll be a lot of blushing and frantic making up of bullshit stories – we will see. Thanks for reading!

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