Pre-Pre-Pre-Inspection (Resolutions, Day 135)

Yes, that’s right, my quarterly apartment inspection is coming up. Which means it’s been three months since the last one, and six months since I moved here! The linear passage of time continues on unabated!

…ok, I know I say that a lot, but seriously, isn’t that nuts? That last inspection feels like it was just the other day! It’s on Tuesday, so I’ve got a few days to prepare – and this time, I actually know what they’ll be looking at. Which… wasn’t actually that much, last time? She basically walked in, took a few pictures, checked out the bathroom, my bedroom, came back and chatted for a bit, then left again. Easy! I’ll probably do the same as I did last time and work from home again – I know I don’t have to be here for it, but idk, it feels strange to know there’s someone just inspecting my home without me there. I do have a workshop that day which would be easier to do from home anyway, so that helps. But also…

I have so many slut accessories lying around all over the place! When I got home, I was going over things to do before the inspection, and it was like “put washing away, clean oven, take down slutty embroidery, clean stovetop, hide Mistress’s collar, take the dildos out of the bathroom, put the chastity device away, hide my malewife uniform…”. It’s everywhere! Even writing this now, I’m thinking of extra things to add to the list – my slave bowl will fit under the couch, there’s a bottle of lube in the bathroom too, etc etc. And it’s stuff like this that, despite the cost, make me so glad I’m living alone. Because I love having the freedom to just do all this stuff whenever I- excuse me, whenever Mistress Charlotte wants me to. Or, actually, in her words – freedom to be a total, utter slut, without reserve. I think I’ve commented to this effect before, but if you’re going to spend all your money on something, surely it has to be a comfortable, new, warm home that’s also in a really convenient location. No wonder I’m such a housewife!

Speaking of, actually, I think it might really be taking hold of me. I just spent a good fifteen minutes looking over mop reviews and going “ooh, that one looks nice”. I’m picturing myself all aproned up, mopping the floors with my new spray mop that actually doesn’t even need a bucket, you just fill up this bottle with water and add a bit of cleaning liquid, I like to use a dash of vinegar because it makes the floors just shine – gah! Phew. Anyway, all aproned, just pottering around the house, and honestly? I’m kind of into it. My body’s reacting to the idea of cleaning, for goodness’ sake – cleaning in a slutty apron and nothing else, admittedly, which certainly helps the sexiness of it all. But still – that’s weird, right? Well, weird for a normal person, anyway. For a slutty malewife, I imagine it’s all part of the deal. Sadly I’m missing the “breadwinner comes home from a long day at the office and casually uses me as stress relief” part, but, well, what can you do? Such is the life of a long-distance whore. Ooh, should I get a feather duster?

Suffice to say, then, that this will be an interesting weekend for me! I’d like to get at least one soufflĂ© in, as well – I’ve got, what, just under half a month left to perfect my craft? I feel like my last one was pretty close, just got to nail down exactly how much to beat the egg white. Hopefully I prove worthy of showing off to Mistress’s friends! The highest dream of any conscious slave object. Thanks for reading.

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