Soufflé Quest #4 (Resolutions, Day 133)

Another day, another soufflé. The first one made with my new hand mixer, in fact! And let me tell you – god damn, those things are quick. Possibly even a little too quick, as we’ll see later on. But it’s really impressive – turned what feels like 10+ minutes of whisking into, like, less than one? Incredible. It’s kind of tricky, though, especially when you’re only working with a single egg white in a small bowl. The rest of today’s attempt was fairly straightforward – collared, plugged, apron’d, and listening to the delightful voice of Mistress Charlotte in Project Trance-Formation (Dismantled, Blackout, Overdrive, Whole). Actually, that’s one of the downsides of the hand mixer – the entire thing was over so quickly, I barely got to listen to Whole at all! Having said that, though, I’ve pretty much got it committed to memory at this point – whore that I am – so it’s hardly the worst thing in the world. I can always just… listen to it some more. Not a bad idea, in fact…

I was actually thinking about Project TF myself while I was baking – how I must have listened to these files dozens and dozens of times by this point. And yet, at the same time, they always manage to hit me in just the right way, clouding my mind, turning me that extra little bit sluttier, and emptier, and blank. It’s not necessarily that they feel new every time, or anything like that – it’s more that despite not feeling new, they still get to me. I suppose that familiarity must help with that somewhat, right? Maybe a sign that they’ve long since stopped being just some sexy words I love to hear Mistress say in my ear – I’ve internalised every single one. They’re a part of me, now. That’s actually something else I was thinking about with Project TF – they all feel like they could’ve been written for me, they feel so good. Every word I hear, I agree with – they so perfectly express my thoughts on control, on power, on submission, on slavery. Now, is that because Mistress Charlotte and I just happen to be perfectly in sync with one another? Or could it be that she’s influenced my mind to such a degree that her words actually are my own thoughts? What do you think? 😉

Now, back to Soufflé Quest. I felt pretty good about this one, tbh. The hand mixer was SO fast – the recipe claims ~2 minutes on HIGH to get to soft peaks when first beating the egg whites, and then another 2 once the sugar has been mixed in to get to stiff, glossy peaks. I don’t think I spent more than a minute in either part! And I wasn’t even on the highest setting! I think I erred on the side of beating too much – I figured I should try and get a little closer to the time it mentioned. However…

Yeah, as you can see there, it ended up rather split on top. Which I believe is a sign that the whites were over-beaten. I left it in quite a bit longer than last time, though, and it really turned out much better. The recipe says 13-14 minutes, but I think I went more like 15-16? Seems like a minor difference, but I think I chose right – giving the tray a little tap told me it was still much too jiggly, even at 14 minutes.

It’s really hard to capture, like, the texture of a soufflé in an image? I mean, obviously, right, but you know what I mean. I do actually think this one was my best yet, though – soft, but not too soft, and with a nice crunch on top. Still, it definitely wasn’t perfect – really need to nail down exactly how much to beat those egg whites. We’ve got just under two weeks to go, now – not sure how many attempts I’ll have left. We’ll just have to see whether or not I can do it – and how badly I’ll be punished for these past couple failures. Thanks for reading!

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