Soufflé Quest #3 (Resolutions, Day 131)

Straight into it again today! Now that I know I can (more or less) adapt this four-soufflé recipe to make batches of one, I can try again multiple days in a row without giving myself soufflé poisoning! So, that’s great. I made sure to prepare properly beforehand this time – got the eggs out of the fridge early, put everything in place… The most important thing, though, was doing the baking paper thing that Mistress Charlotte suggested to me – and actually doing what she said, instead of coming up with some idea in my head and running with it. Yet another example of the dangers of giving sluts free will.

So I cut an appropriate length of baking paper, found a little piece of string (fun fact: I actually used the string that attached the store tag to my new apron!) and, after a bit of back and forth hassle trying to get it in the right place, tied the baking paper around the outside of the ramekin, sticking up an inch or two over the top. In Mistress’s words, it’ll give the soufflé something to climb up as it rises, and keep it nice and neat while it does so. The rest of this attempt was pretty straightforward – mix butter and chocolate with a little vanilla extract, then beat an egg white (just one, for this single batch), add sugar, and beat it some more. The recipe assumes you’re using a hand mixer, which makes this the trickiest bit – it obviously takes longer whisking by hand, so I can’t use their time estimates, and when I got it forming stiff peaks in my first attempt, they ended up splitting on top – which is apparently attributed to over-beating. So I sort of have to judge for myself and try to find a middle ground. Which has… mixed results.

This time, though, it was looking pretty good. I got everything folded together, and put the batter in the fridge while I buttered the inside of the ramekin and sprinkled a little sugar in there to help it rise. Then it was straight into the oven! I made sure to turn the temperature down this time, and then got tidying up while I waited. Now, the recipe says leave it for 13-14 minutes – but, again, this is for a batch of four. So when I saw it in there after maybe 11-12 minutes and the top was starting to split a little… There’s no other words for it, really – I panicked. It was rising really well, and it looked great, so I figured I could just take it out. Remember what I said about not giving sluts control over their own decisions? Yeah, turns out that’s still not the best call for us.

You can sort of see the beginning of the splitting I’m talking about on top, there. But it seems so good on the outside! Look:

It’s beautiful! I think. Still not super familiar on what the perfect soufflé actually looks like.

But when I cut into it, after lovingly dusting it with icing sugar, well… I’ll let Twitter Me take it from here :

Yeah… That “Noooooo… dammit” you hear at the end? Genuine, unfiltered disappointment. Turns out I was really expecting a lot from this one! Broken record, but it really did look so pretty from the outside. But, y’know, it’s all a learning experience, I suppose. Now I’ll know for next time not to deviate from the recipe. Mistress said something really lovely when I showed her:

Which I think is just beautiful. I’m clearly not made to be in charge, not meant to have power or control over things – why would I try to? Even over baking, it’s obvious that I should just do as I’m told, and leave the thinking to those better suited to it. It’s simply my place to obey, and submit to the desires of my superiors – even when they’re, uh, a recipe.

That reminds me, though, I listened to a marathon of Mistress Charlotte’s files last night, following her tweet:

In addition to the required Matriarchy and A Place Beneath, I also chose Scientia Potentia Est, Where You Belong, and Surrender and Succumb. All files I’m a pretty big fan of, but among them, Scientia Potentia Est is the one I remember the least, only recalling that I like it. And I still do! I think I’ve mentioned before that I tend to overthink quite often, and so being encouraged to not only “not overthink” but to “not think at all”, accept that there are things I don’t know, and don’t need to know… It’s really rather lovely. There’s a metaphor Mistress uses where she mentions putting all my knowledge away up on a high shelf – it’s always there if I need it, but otherwise it’s out of the way, unimportant, not needed, forgotten. Slaves only need to obey their Mistress’s orders, defer to her wisdom, and accept her superior intellect. It’ll always turn out so much better that way.

So that concludes this blog / soufflé attempt! I’m thinking I might pick up a hand mixer tomorrow! Nothing fancy, just a pretty basic one – but I’m curious to see how much of a difference it makes. And the more closely I can follow the recipe, the better – as we observed today! Turns out slutty slaves just need to do what they’re told and obey – who could’ve guessed. Thanks for reading.

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