Soufflé Quest #2 (Resolutions, Day 130)

Yes, it’s that time again! Time for me to make another attempt at reaching the world of the perfect soufflé. And now I’m better equipped than ever! I’ve got a slutty new malewife uniform, lovingly embroidered by yours truly. How fitting, to wear literal evidence of me improving those key malewife skills, while I work on another! I didn’t just wear it for this, though – I put it on earlier while I was doing the vacuuming. And, just to clarify, when I say malewife uniform, I mean the entire uniform. Or, to be more precise – this slutty little maid apron is the only thing I’m wearing.

Ok, I was also wearing socks, but c’mon, it’s cold!

Which means I had to keep the blinds closed, obviously – while I do love the idea of everybody knowing what a subservient little house-whore I am, I suspect the reality wouldn’t be nearly as hot as my imagination. I was really surprised how… naked I felt wearing it. Like, I’m used to being naked around the house, obviously. I was going to attribute that to Mistress Charlotte’s House Rules, but I just realised that nudity… isn’t actually specified in them, and that’s all just my own sluttery. Huh! Anyway, I’m used to that. But this feels… more naked than actually being fully naked, somehow. It’s hard to describe – I think it’s the vulnerability of it all? Like, my front is covered, but as soon as I bend over to pick something up or vacuum under the couch, oops, my entire ass is on display. It’s… kind of a really sexy feeling, honestly. After I finished vacuuming I actually just stayed like that for the rest of the day – on the couch, apron and nothing else. Lovely.

And it really got me in the mindset for today’s baking, too! I’d looked at the recipe and more-or-less figured out how I needed to portion the ingredients to get them down to just make a single soufflé. Kinda, anyway – it’s intended for four soufflés, but I used it for three the first time and it seemed alright, so I just cut everything in thirds for this. Especially considering it uses three eggs, it seemed like the easiest way to go about it. It’s definitely a weird feeling baking for one serving! Even in my smallest mixing bowl, whisking a singular egg white just feels… wrong. Anyway, cutting to the end, everything was going OK. I’ve got the batter in the fridge, time to prepare the ramekin – oh yeah, Mistress Charlotte recommended I use baking paper! And so, with only the most cursory of research, I figured I knew exactly what to do. Surely, I thought, you just sort of… tuck the baking paper inside to line it, right? That feels a bit weird, but it’s probably right! Well, no, as it happens, it was completely not. What Mistress had in mind was more like this:

Makes a bit more sense, doesn’t it?

So, yeah. I’m not sure if that’s precisely what led to this failure, or if it was something with the recipe adaptation, or what. I accidentally left the oven on high when I put them in – the recipe I follow says to turn it up high until you put them in, then turn it down immediately, but I… forgot that part. How bad was it? Well:

…about that bad.

Yeah, not great. I took it out as soon as I saw this, which actually might’ve been worse than leaving it in – there were definitely some liquid-y bits when I tried it out. The bits that weren’t were still pretty nice! But I think this is a clear failure. And what was my punishment for this (Mistress’s words) “extraordinarily epic failure”? I was to place myself straight into the humbler for an hour, no other stimulation allowed. An hour which… has actually just finished! Thank God. It’s mostly been me kneeling on the couch at various angles, changing positions fairly regularly, and now my legs are all wobbly. I’d best report back to Mistress and let her know! Thanks for reading.

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