Embroideryyyyyyy (Resolutions, Day 129)

good evening! You join the live from my couch as I sit here and continue to embroider the word slot onto the safe room. But Morgan I hear you say how can you be doing that and writing this at the same time? Are you some manner of cyber being? I am using the power of voice recognition to dictate to this blog to my phone while I continue to do my embroidery like a good little wife. It’s kind of nice – like I’ve mentioned before, most of my blogs pretty much just come straight out of my brain without any filter so in a way it’s not really that much different to that. The punctuation is probably a lot worse but I’m thinking I might just not even bother editing it and just put this up as it is kind of funny.

I think I’ve been doing this embroidery for about… Five hours now? Including the time it took to transfer the pattern onto the fabric which definitely took a while I had to use my phone as a lightbox and that kind of goes well, but it’s also a little bit terrible because I’m pressing the fabric onto the screen and then it’s touching the screen and it’s changing the thing that I’m trying to trace on it… It doesn’t work out hugely well. But we got there in the end and despite what I literally just said it actually did turn out pretty good and now, I am trying to outline these letters.

I’m using a couple of new stitches for this one which I haven’t really tried before – for the outlines of the letter themselves and doing a split stitch, which is where you do a normal stitch and then when you come back through the fabric you cut you come up through the middle of the stitch that you just did. Supposedly, it’s supposed to be good for doing the outlines for letters but I don’t really know why that is… I just saw someone say it online and I am obedient and do what I’m told so… For the insides of the letters oh wait hold on I have to talk about the splits the truck I think it looks kind of good but there are bits for it looks a little… Genki? Jenke JANKY. I’m not entirely sure if it looks any better than a regular backstitch would but I guess will see how it actually looks once I’m finished and I can rinse off the fabric marker for the insides of the letters, I’m doing a satin stitch which – at the start at least of the S which is the only letter I’ve done so far – I think actually looked pretty good! But somewhere along the way when I was doing it I think I started rushing out a bit because I sort of just wanted to get this done before like midnight? And now I don’t think it looks quite as good as it could but I’m not really sure what I can do about that. Parts of it I might be able to touch up again once I’m finished, but for now I think I’m just going to get all the letters finished up see how it looks and then do it I can’t afterwards.

I was really torn on what design to do I mean I knew I was going to do the word slut and fancy font obviously, but deciding on the colours was actually really tricky! Everyone on Twitter had such great ideas and I wish I could do all of them once somehow but I just don’t think that will work out. As I’m I’ve got I was going to say typing this as I’m speaking this, the plan is for a pink outline on all the letters with that bright red thread filling in the centre and I think that’s what it’s gonna end up being hopefully that turns out looking good I wish I could’ve done what Miss Eevee suggested no not EV Eevee Eevee AVI. There we go. I wish I could’ve done what Miss AVI suggested and had all different bright colours but for this I think the classic/red is really the best way to go I’ll definitely keep that in mind for a future project though something bright and pretty maybe another one of those things to go on my wall. Is it going to be like “live laugh bag“ or “owned Sweet owned“ or “Home is where the slut is“.

I’m sort of realising now that I’m spending so much time watching the dictation thing mangle my words that is distracting me from doing the embroidery in the first place which was the entire point. But… I think that’s okay this is a bit of fun I hope it makes any sense I don’t even think I’m gonna review this at all I’m just gonna send it out there and see how it goes so if you’re reading this – good luck to you. Thanks for reading.

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