Malewife Time! (Resolutions, Day 128)

It’s heeeeeere!

Please disregard the dildo in the corner of the shot.

I gotta say, I like it! I didn’t quite realise how short it would be, especially on all six-foot-five of slut that we’re dealing with here. It’s enough to cover the bits what need covering, but still shows off those knees – looking at you, Victorian era perverts. I think it’d look pretty good when I’m on my knees, too! And that’s always important in any slut fashion item. I can genuinely picture it on me as I walk around my apartment, otherwise naked, trailing the vacuum cleaner behind me. Perhaps seductively bending over to reach that one spot under my desk – oops, did I leave the blinds in the lounge open? I hope I didn’t give anyone their own special show… The naked slut + apron combo is also obviously great for the malewife classic that is “bend me over the kitchen counter and rail me senseless” – easy access, and all that. In truth, I don’t actually know how comfortable being bent over a kitchen counter would be? But, like, it’s an experience. It’s a wifey tradition, for goodness’ sake!

But, in truth, my malewife uniform isn’t quite ready just yet. Way, way back, like a month ago, when Mistress Charlotte and I were first talking about the apron idea, she mentioned that it might be a good idea for me to embroider it with my name. And by “my name”, I do of course mean the word “slut”. It’s what Mistress calls me, like, 99% of the time anyway. It’s what anybody who saw me in that apron would likely be thinking. Why dance around it? Why not simply embrace the truth, and emblazon it on my uniform for all to see? So, I’m thinking that’s what I’ll do tomorrow, after I get home from work. I made sure to stop by the craft shop on my way home and pick up a couple extra embroidery hoops (I don’t want to take down “A house is not a home without a whore”!) and some extra thread. The only questions are: which colour do I use? And where do I write it?

Yes, I accidentally got a second orange. I didn’t think I had one, ok…

It’s very tempting to just put it in huge block letters right in the middle. But, honestly, I feel like that would kind of detract from the overall idea. I’m thinking maybe in one of the upper corners? As for colour, probably red? It’s long been considered a slutty colour, ever since Mistress made me get lacy red unmentionables. I’m not sure how elaborate I’m going to go with the design – definitely a fancy font, but do I try and outline it with a different colour? Would that even work? In theory it should, right? It’s rather fitting that the word “Slut” was the first test thing I ever embroidered:

Personally? I still think that looks pretty OK, although I feel like I can do it better now. It’s even the right sort of font I’d like to have, but probably with the inner bits actually filled in? I need to track down a similar fancy font that’ll suit the apron – do actual maids have embroidered aprons? I guess I’ll find out. Anyway, tune in tomorrow to see the exciting conclusion to this, I guess! Thanks for reading.

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