And On Maid Day, Too! (Resolutions, Day 127)

Look, I promise I’ll be done talking about this soon, but come on. I think I’ve accepted why they didn’t deliver it yesterday – pretty sure packages only get delivered every, like, second day here – and so I was all ready to check the parcel tracking and see “good news, slut! Now you can be an even bigger whore than ever before!”. But oh no. No, for whatever reason, the courier decided that this lacy little malewife apron wasn’t able to be left alone. Or, surprisingly, left in the letterbox? I sort of assumed it would fit in there. And so, they left me a lovely little card, which I can take to the parcel collection lobby place tomorrow after work and finally, finally, pick up my malewife uniform. And you know, that would be one thing. It’s a little annoying that it took a couple extra days than it had to, but whatever, that’s parcels for you, sometimes it just be like that.

But on top of that. On top of all of that, what do I see on Twitter after work? Turns out today is Maid Day in Japan! And, look, like I’ve said before, my main goal here isn’t really to be a maid, sissy or otherwise. But wouldn’t it have just been too perfect? It’s unfair, frankly, and rude besides. Discriminatory to slutty boys everywhere. So, yeah, I’m actually a little annoyed about that. I mean, a slut works all day while going commando in the office, walks home and slides right into his new malewife apron, just in time for a day celebrating it? It’s practically scripted, it’s that perfect. But they just couldn’t let that happen, those cruel post office workers. May their days be un-sexy and slutless!

Truthfully, though, there’s still plenty of sluttery in this very house to more than satisfy both myself and my Mistress. I’m still pantsless and collared, locked up and on my knees. It’s not like I needed the uniform to be any more a slut, or malewife, or slave than I already am – I know full well the magic was inside me all along, don’t you worry. But it would’ve been fun, dammit! Alright, moving on. I think I’m going to listen to some hypno again tonight – I keep meaning to be more consistent with it, and I keep… not doing that. Modification Therapy 3 is always a pretty solid bet, so I might go with that! The only issue with listening to especially, ludicrously hot hypno, is that it tends to really wake up the contents of my chastity cage, in a way that starts out with a sexy kind of ache, but pretty quickly turns distracting. I mean, I’m still gonna do it, though. I’ve been spending much too long having independent thoughts!

…as can clearly be told by this blog. Sheesh, I didn’t realise this was literally all just complaining. My bad, y’all. Tomorrow’s will be sexier, and sluttier than ever, I can promise you that. Thanks for reading!

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