Betrayed By The Evil Post Office (Resolutions, Day 126)

Yeah, turns out that just because when they fail to deliver your package (despite you being home all day!) and say they’ll try again tomorrow, it doesn’t mean they’ll actually, y’know, do that. I mean, technically it said “Entrega fallida: se procederá a nuevo intento el próximo día laborable”, which translates to “Failed delivery: a new attempt will be made next business day”. But the point is, regrettably, there’ll be no malewife uniform tonight. I was hoping to do my next soufflé attempt whilst properly dressed, but if it takes TOO long, then I might run out of month!

…ah, fuck. I just remembered I didn’t pick up the icing sugar and baking paper I was supposed to grab from the supermarket on my way home. And I really wanted THAT for my next attempt, too! If I’m completely honest, though – it’s easy enough to do on the weekend, but it’s kind of hard to keep up the motivation after a day of work, and then walking home. But if I only wait until the weekends, then I’ll only have a few tries this month, and I suspect I’ll need a few more than that before I reach perfection. One positive, though, is that I’ll be making batches of one instead of, like, three. So even if I do only wait until the weekend, I can make one on Saturday and another on Sunday, without giving myself soufflé poisoning. I mean, if I can make one perfect soufflé for myself, surely it’ll extend to baking an entire batch to kick off an evening of debauchery for Mistress Charlotte and her friends!

Because, tasty as they are, the joy of baking isn’t in eating the finished product myself. The joy is in providing something delicious for my Mistress, made with love – even if she’ll never be able actually eat them, that’s the intent in my mind. Her comforts are my highest priority, and the better a subservient malewife I make of myself, the better I’ll be able to serve those comforts. I still often think about how nice it would be to be that stay-at-home housewife. Making her a little packed lunch in the morning (most likely leftovers from last night, if my current lunches are anything to go by!) and watching as she heads off to do the real work. Then it’s cleaning, tidying up, doing some washing, taking care of the pets. Doing whatever I can to make sure she has a lovely sanctuary to return to, somewhere she can relax and put her feet up after a long day at the office. I don’t need to have any other concerns – this goal is my primary focus, nothing else.

And isn’t that just the best thing you can offer up to someone, really? A place to just be yourself, free of all outside influences and pressures? No matter how nice your workplace, you’re probably still putting on a bit of a façade – it’s only once you come back to your home, your castle, that you can finally exhale, let it all out, and just… be. Huh. You know, I started writing that thinking about the joy of malewifery, providing that thing for someone else. But it’s also occurred to me that, in training me, making me a good little malewife, making me hers, that Mistress has also done exactly that for me. She’s so good, isn’t she? I know the “lucky sub” thing undercuts a lot of hard work and effort on both sides of the D/s slash, but… I really am such a lucky slut. Thanks for reading.

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