History Shows Us, Again And Again, How Nature Points Out The Folly Of Men (Resolutions, Day 125)

This… isn’t actually going to be as much about gender as the title might make it seem. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I could fill at least one blog with the folly of men, especially these days. But I just finished rewatching Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and that iconic phrase came up in a credits song. Damn, those movies are good. I think big Godzilla fans weren’t so hot on the first one in 2014, because it spends so long having Big G hidden in fog and focuses more on the human characters (and kills off Bryan Cranston WAY too early). But for me, it’s all worth it for that one scene against the MUTOs where we see his tail spines light up in atomic blue, as he suddenly appears out of the darkness and blasts them with nuclear fire. I remember when I first saw it in theatres, because my friend turned to me and went “since when can he do THAT?!”. I had to explain that atomic breath has been part of his arsenal since… the very beginning, I think? But people who only ever saw Godzilla ’99 wouldn’t know. Which is part of why I love KOTM so much!

It’s a big thing in Hollywood adaptations, especially of Japanese media, to try and over-explain things, or take themselves a little too seriously. KOTM, meanwhile, is like “Yeah, Ghidorah can eat an electrical station and get more lightning, sure. Mothra’s ashes charge Godzilla up until he’s burning from within and without? Why not!”. There’s no scientist leaning in to go “Ah, here’s how that happened!” – I mean, there is sometimes, it’s not perfect. But it lets things just happen because they’re cool, and I really respect it for that.

In other news – apparently, they tried to deliver my malewife uniform to me today, but they weren’t able to. I say apparently because I was actually home all day – my arm developed a huge kinda sore bruise around my blood donation site, and I thought it’d be too annoying to work with, so I stayed home. But did I see a single postie? Did I hell. My lounge door was even open the whole time, how hard did they try?! They didn’t even leave a “sorry we missed you” note, so I’m genuinely kind of perplexed – by what measure did they attempt to deliver it? Anyway, they’re going to try again tomorrow, supposedly, so that’s good news. I’m still pretty surprised how much I’m looking forward to this!

Again, wearing a maid apron has never been something that’s crossed my mind before, mostly because it’s been linked pretty inextricably in my head with a whole host of gender fuckery. And I’m comfortable where I am on that front, so I figured there’s no need to explore it. But as with many things, as soon as Mistress Charlotte showed some interest in it, I was right on board. It’s not like I was ever against the idea, after all. It was just never something I had reason enough to explore – and now I do, that reason being “Mistress wants to see it”. Which is pretty hard to beat, as they come. I don’t quite know how I’m going to look in it – this is, after all, six-foot-five of slut in an apron that just isn’t very big. But then, I suppose the skimpiness is part of the appeal, isn’t it? Still as vulnerable as if I were fully naked, but with just enough left to the imagination to be sexy – and, with any luck, to make her want to rip it off me and have her way with her slut. Personally, I find it hard to believe – I think I’m fine-looking, but I’d hesitate to call myself sexy. Still, it’s not up to me, is it?

I’m keen to see how it turns out, if it does end up getting here tomorrow! Of course, whether I like it or not is frankly kind of irrelevant – if Mistress likes what she sees, then she’ll be seeing a lot more of it. It’s part of a malewife’s duties to give his Mistress something pretty to look forward to when she comes home after a long day, you know. And I hope I can fulfil that incredibly important job for her – along with all the others, too. Thanks for reading.

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