The New Normal (Resolutions, Day 124)

So, no matter how… imperfect, it cannot be denied that I baked some soufflés yesterday. (I think – not sure if there are secret arcane Soufflé Rules that one must adhere to for it to count, like champagne only being real if it comes from the Champagne region of France.) Point is, though, I did it. Most likely you saw the pics on Twitter – if you’re Mistress Charlotte, then the videos I sent (with a little extra 😮). And if I told anybody who knows me IRL, they’d think that was rather abnormal. Not bad, necessarily, but definitely weird for me. My friends and family, those who know me best, would be asking questions, most of which would likely boil down to “why?” – to which I could only truly answer “because I’m a massive slut and eager malewife”, which I suspect would only raise more questions. Even work friends, who’ve not known me long enough to know what’s normal for me, would probably quirk an eyebrow. Part of that might be a gender thing – nobody’s going to out-and-out say “but you’re a boy, you can’t spend the weekend baking soufflés for no reason!”, but there might be an undercurrent of it. Point is, it’s not normal for me to be baking soufflés over the weekend, but for a person who bakes all the time, it would be fine! Subjectively, it’s weird – but just for me.

This relates to something I was talking with Mistress about this morning – I had asked her if she could share what she likes so much about malewifery, seeing as it’s become a pretty big thing for both of us recently. I won’t share her entire response here, although it was quite lovely, but in her words, what it boils down to is “role reversal without the gender fuckery”. Embracing traditionally “female” roles, without necessarily changing my own gender identity, and saying “hey, these are actually really great!”. What I thought was really interesting about this is that the role reversal is… reversing a role that neither of us really believe in. Nor does anyone I know, I should think! Expecting a woman to become a submissive little housewife who spends all day in the kitchen as soon as she gets married is obviously out of date. But for me… There’s definitely an appeal there. Again, massive slut, I can’t deny that the passing grope and ever-popular “getting bent over the kitchen counter” play a part in my enjoyment of it. But there’s the service element, too, making things easier and more comfortable for someone I care about a lot, after she’s had a long hard day in the office. Taking this “traditional” role and elevating it to the extreme, while also simultaneously reversing and normalising it, too. Sounds like a lot going on that shouldn’t really work together – but, as Mistress Charlotte said, you can get used to anything with enough time.

I had to laugh when she said that, because I was lying in bed with her slave collar buckled around my neck, the one I didn’t even think twice about clicking into place while I was all groggy and waking up. Her House Rules are pretty much the perfect example of normalising an extreme! These are objectively weird things to do, no matter who you are. Being constantly collared in your own home, taking your drinks from a bowl on the floor, folding your washing while your Mistress’s voice tells you over and over what a whore you are, so desperate to be controlled, so eager to give up your power to superior women. They’re odd behaviours, no doubt about it. But I do them willingly, happily, without a second thought. They’re just normal to me now! I’ve been doing them, what, around six months now? They’re quite literally my everyday life.

And god, I just love them. Normalising my slavery is just great – and it’s a constant reminder that I am owned, that I am hers, that all that I am belongs to my Mistress. It’s a lovely feeling, and it truly does bring joy and brightness to each day. Are they extreme? Sure, maybe. But they’re normal, too. They’re my normal – our normal. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks for reading.

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