Soufflé Quest #1 (Resolutions, Day 123)

Today has been a day of many different identities, I think. It started with me waking up from my makeshift puppy bed – which, combined with Mistress’s puppy collar around my neck and drinking from that classic floor bowl, has me feeling rather puppy. Even if they’re pretty solidly integrated as parts of my life at this point, they’re still incontrovertibly puppy, you know? In addition, today was Laundry Day, the day where I wash my brain as well as my clothes. I listened to Project Trance-Formation all day, and while that always evokes many emotions in me, the most prominent were “slut” and “slave”, I think. It’s hard to hear Mistress Charlotte’s voice telling me that I live to be controlled and submit to powerful women and think of anything other than “I am slave”, you know? And as for listening to her detail my precise feelings on getting stuffed full, stretched out, pounded so deep and hard until I’m not good for anything else, only existing as a gaping hole to be filled… Well. What else could that say to me but “whore”, really?

I also went out with friends to see the new Doctor Strange, which meant I had to put on my “normal person, definitely not a slut” hat – and then I went for a haircut either, which means the “normal person who’s polite and not dicking around with friends AND isn’t a slut” hat. But after I got home from all that , it was time for today’s main identity. It was, of course, it was always going to be this, how could it have ever been anything else, malewife time.

It started simply enough, hanging out the washing I’d put on before I left, giving the place a vacuum, normal stuff. But before long, I knew today would be the day for the first soufflé attempt. To recap – Mistress Charlotte has given me the task of baking the perfect soufflé by the end of the month, with every attempt being critically judged by Mistress and her friends, and failure to reach perfection being met with punishment. In addition, all baking must be done in the nude, while plugged and listening to Project Trance-Formation – focus is an important skill to master for any housewife, after all. So I got all the ingredients and equipment together, and started figuring out what I needed to do.

I’ve been following this recipe for dark chocolate soufflés – it seems fairly straightforward, which is great for me. I also thought a lemon one might be nice? But I might leave that until I’m a little more experienced. For now, it’s chocolate, and that’s just how it is. The first steps were easy enough – although I might have to get a non-metal mixing bowl for melting the chocolate/butter mixture. Using one of my normal bowls worked out fine, but then transferring from there to one of the later bowls was a little tricky? The next step is where things got a little hectic though – separating the eggs. I got two of the three done pretty perfectly, but then I cracked the last one a little too hard and broke the yolk. A little of that ended up getting in with the whites, which isn’t great. Next time will be better!

Beating the egg whites was tougher than I expected! I’m tempted to pick up a really cheap hand mixer and see how much easier that makes it. I also actually ended up over-beating them! I was convinced the whole time that they weren’t beaten enough, because the peaks just weren’t that stiff, but I guess they were actually alright! Again, good information for next time. Also, look at me, kinda sorta knowing what I’m talking about! Same as when I did the embroidery, it’s nice to feel myself gaining this knowledge that a good malewife should have. No need to bother myself with politics, or business, or the economy, or any of these big topics – much too confusing for little ol me! I’ll just stick to my baking, my cleaning, my washing, my getting groped by passing Mistresses…

In the end, though, they weren’t perfect. They tasted nice, and while I don’t really know what soufflé texture is supposed to be like, it wasn’t too bad IMO! But you can see in the tweet below that they’re really cracked on top – which, according to a cursory google, is due to that over-beating I mentioned earlier. And as she promised, Mistress Charlotte made sure I was summarily punished, issuing me twenty smacks from my slut paddle, while I was in slut position. Sadly the “slut” doesn’t seem to actually imprint – but it still turned me a nice shade of red, as well as making my brain all submissive and foggy. Which could’ve also been attributed to my listening to Project Trance-Formation – I suspect both, personally.

So, next time! Less beating (of the egg whites 😉). Mistress also recommended lining the ramekins with some baking paper to get them to rise a little neater, which I really appreciated. I’m glad to have such wonderful support in my goal of becoming a better wifey! I hope I can make her proud with my future endeavours, a malewife worthy of showing off. Thanks for reading!

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