More Malewife Musings (Resolutions, Day 122)

Yeah, I’m probably just gonna Go with this one and see where it ends up. Starting with some good news! I got a message from [parcel tracking website] that my malewife uniform (a little pinafore maid apron, that covers my lap and little else) has finally arrived in the country! So, with any amount of luck, it should be here… soon? Next week hopefully? I’ve got all my fingers crossed.

Etsy wouldn’t let me save the photo, so take this screenshot instead.

And honestly? Even like a year ago – less? – I’d have been surprised to hear that I was interested in this at all. The maid uniform, to me, was exclusively the realm of the sissy, and that was something I wanted nothing to do with. Even today, it’s not really something I identify with – sissies are fine, but they’re just not me. Malewifery is different enough, at least in my head, that I can enjoy it. And I do! Much more than I would’ve expected. Ever since I first heard the term, when Mistress Charlotte posted it only a few months ago, it’s been pretty high on my “what I want to be when I grow up” list.

Seriously, doesn’t this just sound perfect?

I have Mistress Charlotte to thank for another reason, though – her enjoyment of the whole role reversal, malewife, “get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich, slut” thing has really spurred on my own interest and excitement in it! It’s really fun to lean into the fact that we both have so much fun with it – it’s sort of a cyclical thing, where her fun leads me to have more fun with it, which results in more fun for her, on and on and on.

And it means the malewifery itself escalates, too! First it was just talking about getting bent over the kitchen counter, then it was embroidery, then vacuuming in the nude… This weekend it’ll be the first soufflé (of many!) – and who knows what’ll be next! I certainly don’t – I couldn’t have predicted really any of what’s come to pass so far. Naturally, I think only Mistress Charlotte knows where this path will go – she’s the one leading the way, after all. All I can do is blissfully follow, whatever she says, wherever she wants me to go.

Jumping back a little – and this isn’t really a big of a revelation as I might be making it sound – I think pretty much all D/s dynamics work like this, in a way, where the fact that both of us are enjoying it leads to exponentially more enjoyment for everyone involved. If we only did things that I wanted to do, well… that’s not really domination or submission, is it? And if we only did things Mistress wanted to do – actually, I’m not even sure if that’s possible at this point? It really does feel like every time she brings up a new idea to explore, I’m genuinely all for it. But that, I think, is because she knows me pretty damn well at this point – no doubt there are things she could bring up which I would hate, but she doesn’t because, uh, I’d hate them. And while I’ve never done it myself, I imagine domination is a lot more difficult (and less fun) when your slave is actually just not into whatever you’re doing. At the very least, from my standpoint as the submissive, I know I’d hate to think I was the only one having fun, you know? Even moreso to think that we were doing something that Mistress hated. I truly do mean it when I say that Mistress Charlotte’s pleasure is my main goal – which isn’t as altruistic as it sounds, because that’s my pleasure, too. Does any of this make sense? Am I just repeating myself? Who can say.

My main point (I think) is that malewifery works in particular 1) because the role reversal is kind of hot, but 2) because we both find it hot. And so I want to lean into it more, bake soufflés, bend lewdly over the counter, dress up all slutty, because if Mistress enjoys it more, then everybody wins. It’s just that she wins the most. And that’s what it’s all about really, isn’t it? Thanks for reading.

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