All My Blood Gone (Resolutions, Day 121)

They took all my blood!!! Well, not all of it. 470mL, to be precise. Which, considering the dimensions of this here slut, is probably not that much in the grand scheme? But it FEELS like a lot. That’s, like, an entire large energy drink can! Of my blood! The staff running the thing were as lovely as always, though. I feel like the initial needle insertion was a bit more painful than previous times? Even after it came out and I was waiting around, drinking juice and eating Kit-Kats, it was just a bit more… achey than normal. She let me feel the bag (of my blood) afterwards and it was indeed warm, like it had, uh, just been inside my body.

And speaking of inside my body, it’s time for the sluttery segment of this blog. I’ve still been thinking pretty much non-stop about the powerful fucking I gave myself yesterday, and the absolute whorehouse I became as a result. Something I’ve learned from having watched a decent amount of porn at this point is that if you want the classic pornstar gape, the best way to get there is to pull whatever’s fucking you out quick smart. I did this a few times, getting into a rhythm of fucking myself pretty deep and then quickly pulling the dildo all the way out, just to feel a little bit of that gape. And I did! It’s kinda wild to just feel that… open, and vulnerable. I could definitely get used to feeling like that all the time – aside from when I’m being properly filled up, that is. Can’t you just imagine a whore on display, sluthole stretched out to a permanent gape, kept ready and open for anybody to fuck? I can.

It really got me thinking though – remember when I got the second dildo, and my intention was to use it to practice getting spitroasted between two powerful women? Mistress mentioned at the time that I could use it to train my ass to take a double-stuffing. And, look, like I said, I’ve seen a decent amount of porn at this point. I know it’s possible, and with larger dildos than these ones, even. But, like, how? Even after a multiple fucks a day diet for a few days, I couldn’t even really get a finger in alongside the dick. Granted, my multiple fucks didn’t actually last very long each. If I had infinite lube, then in theory we could get something going. But that stuff ain’t cheap! (I’m never going to skimp on it, to be clear, I know it’s very important healthwise.) I

t just got me thinking, how do people train their… capacity? I guess I’d probably have to start with endurance, and then I guess it’s just a lot of fucking? Maybe with progressively bigger toys, but again, they’re certainly not cheap – either I shop local and get gouged at the comparatively vanilla sex store down the road, or I go online and get ruined (un-sexily) by shipping to NZ. Lose-lose! Very sad. Still, for now, nothing for it but to keep getting fucked. And maybe do some research? I remember WAY back in the day of my first anal explorations, there was a webtease I watched on Milovana (yeah, remember that?) all about stretching yourself out to get that perfect gape. From what I remember it was a lot of “get a couple fingers deep in there and pull” which, idk if that’s how that works? There was a branch in the tease for dildo-owners, which didn’t apply to me at the time… Maybe I’ll look it up again? Something to think about. Thanks for reading!

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