Fucked Stupid (Resolutions, Day 120)

Well, today’s the day. The last day of Mistress Charlotte’s task, the last day of fucking and hypnosis, as often as is possible. For now, anyway – I think I made a pretty good case for myself to be a frontrunner for when Mistress wants an over-fucked whore. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Last night, the evening’s fucking consisted of some hard and fast pounding before bed, while I listened to Mistress’s beautiful voice tell me what a Fucked Up Slut I am. I was in the currently-unnamed “lie on my back and make eye contact with my locked up cock, the one that doesn’t belong to me” position, thrusting the dildo into myself, moaning a little like a wanton, well, slut. Protip – if I say I’m doing something “like a *blank*”, the blank is probably “slut”. It’s rapidly becoming a favourite position of mine, to be honest – part “massive emphasis on being in chastity”, part “never forget to whom you belong”, part “incredibly vulnerable position to be fucked in”, part “Mistress’s slutty little breeding bitch”. All wonderful! There’s another reason too, but… We’ll get to that shortly.

This morning started much like the past few – I woke up with my alarm, instantly fell asleep for like an hour, woke up again much later than I intended, fucked myself in the shower… You know, standard morning stuff. I grabbed a pair of socks out of the top drawer, walked away, turned back to grab underwear, and then I remembered – it’s Commando Day! Luckily my body remembered even if my brain forgot. Once I was properly dressed I sent Mistress Charlotte a morning report of how the previous night and the morning thus far had gone – and then she wrote back, informing me precisely what I’d be doing once I got home. When I got home, she said, I would remove the cage, and fuck myself stupid. I would listen to the hottest audio I have during the process – no doubt one of hers – and once my body reaches the inevitable climax, I would spurt all over my own face. Which would, of course, mean I’d once again be in that lovely unnamed position. And also means, seeing as I’d be unlocked, that I must have pleased Mistress Charlotte during her task! Which is always, ALWAYS, what I love to hear.

And so, after an achingly long Commando Day, I returned home once again. I was listening to l’Objet d’Art – to me, it’s unquestionably the hottest audio I know of, even among the non-custom customs. Once I got inside I wasted no time, and headed straight to my room, literally throwing my clothes off along the way. I kept the headphones on, though – wouldn’t want to miss a single word from Mistress, after all. I applied a copious amount of lube – no need to be thrifty when I’m fucking myself stupid – and assumed the position, marvelling at how different it seems when Mistress’s property is unlocked. And then I went at it. I was actually shocked how easily my sluthole accepted it – sure, there was lube involved, but even then there’s usually at least some resistance, y’know? But not this time, not really. I don’t know if it’s the past few days of full-on fucking, or just the slut energy in my body converting it to be the biggest whore possible.

Whatever the case, it was some very easygoing pounding. I started slow, and then sped up a little as I heard Mistress telling me my purpose. To be her slave, her toy, her thing, her property. And here I am, fucking the daylights out of myself on her orders, my other hand stroking her cock as it points towards my face. The thrusting itself got quite intense, as Mistress detailed all the ways in which she would make use of me, and I found myself wishing that it were truly her wielding the dildo. Hands around my hips, holding me in place as she pounds me, one occasionally sneaking up to tweak a nipple or spank my ass. Reader, under these circumstances, it may not surprise you to learn that I didn’t last long. Now, I’ve not given myself a facial for a while now, but even the last time I did do something with my cum (lap it up from a slave bowl, FYI) I certainly don’t remember there being this much of it! I was actually decently caked, tell you the truth. It was wonderfully slutty, an absolute delight, and I’m glad I was whore enough to be able to experience it.

After that, I sort of just lay there for a while, coated in spunk, as my brain rebooted and I remembered how to work my legs. I felt about as slutty as I ever have, and I absolutely loved it. Oh, there was one more part of Mistress’s message from this morning that I forgot to mention. I’ll be going back in the cage tomorrow. Which makes sense – can’t leave sluts unlocked for too long, you know. They just get into all sorts of trouble, and we can’t have that. It’s much better for them to obey their Mistress’s orders and stay chaste, don’t you think? Thanks for reading.

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