Bakening Awakening (Resolutions, Day 119)

First of all, sluttery fans, don’t fret – I’m still following Mistress Charlotte’s task, still fucking both sluthole and mind with dildo and hypno respectively. I listened to both Suck It and Fuck It – perhaps following on from my Torchlit experience from yesterday – and as soon as I got home from work, I buckled Mistress’s collar around my neck and got spitroasted all over again. But, incredibly, that’s not what we’re talking about today.

See, last night, Mistress Charlotte and I were having a little… chat. You may recall me mentioning, quite a few blogs ago now, that she had me do some naked chores for her, as a little malewife exercise – and, luckily for us both, she liked what she saw! So much so that she decided I needed a slutty little apron to go with the rest of my slutty little self – a malewife uniform, so to speak. Well, I took around online, figuring I’d be better off ordering something than trying to pick up something in a shop here, and eventually found one on Etsy – looks nice, and shipping was pretty reasonable, which is… rare for NZ. Unfortunately, despite being dispatched, uh, a month ago, it’s still not even arrived in the country yet. Although to be fair I guess it is being handmade – and also sent from Spain, literally as far away from me as you can get. Mistress said that next time, she’d just have me sew one of my own – textile skills are useful for house-whores, after all. Is that hot? Why is that hot?

Luckily, however, there’s much more to being a malewife than just being dressed up pretty and having a gropable ass. For instance, there’s embroidery! And cooking, and cleaning… But Mistress wasn’t interested in any of those. No, for this whore, the task is… Baking! As you probably guessed from the title. Specifically, baking the perfect soufflé. Now, I’ve not done any baking for… since I was a kid, making elephant biscuits with my mum. All I really know about soufflés is that they’re notoriously difficult! Side note – I thought I could just google “elephant biscuits” and get a picture, but there’s nothing like what I’m thinking of! Maybe this was just our family? I definitely remember us having a recipe printed out! It was basically like you were looking eye to eye with an elephant – big ears on either side of the head, and a hole in the middle of the face for a baby Morgan to put his finger through and form the trunk. Really cute!

…anyway. I’m not a baker. But I love the idea! Someone at work described baking as being like cooking but with stricter orders that you have to follow. I think they meant it as a negative, but, doesn’t that just sound perfect? For a slut who lives to be bossed about, anyway. (That was meant to be “loves”, but I think it works both ways.) Now, this isn’t just “make any random soufflé, there’s a good boy,” oh no. It’s specifically the perfect soufflé, and there are conditions attached, of course. What kind of task would it be without them? I’ve got a month to complete this, and Mistress notes that I will be judged critically, and punished for failure. This much, at least, is expected. But judged by whom? Not Mistress Charlotte alone! She’ll also be seeking opinions on my creations from her friends, which both thrills and terrifies me. On one hand, I love to be shown off, and love to be something worthy of showing off – on the other, well, like I said. Not a baker! But I’ve got plenty of time to figure that out. But is that my only condition? Is it hell. I’ll also be baking in the nude – “do mind the oven,” Mistress says. Nice to know she cares, isn’t it? I’ll also be plugged and listening to Project Trance-Formation – that is, Dismantled, Blackout, Overdrive, and Whole. Mistress says it’s because focus is an important skill to master. But, between you and me, dear reader? I suspect she just likes the thought of her plugged, mindfucked little malewife, doing his little baking while being so deeply immersed in her words.

Anyway, I won’t be crafting delicacies every night – I’d get sick of them way too fast, and I’d never afford that many eggs – but whenever I do, they’ll be documented here. I did go out and pick up some supplies on my way home, though! Mixing bowls, ramekins, measuring cups (no spoons in stock! HOW) and whisk – and then some sugar, eggs, vanilla essence, cream of tartar, and some dark baking chocolate. In theory I have everything I need right now – but idk if I’m quite mentally prepared. Maybe tomorrow?

…maybe the weekend? We will see. Either way, more to come! Stay tuned. Thanks for reading!

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