Hers (Resolutions, Day 116)

You remember how I said yesterday that maybe I’d try going to bed a little earlier so I could start listening to hypno before I go to sleep, without actually falling asleep while listening to it? Because that’s not a great hypno experience, in that I miss out on hearing all the good parts, and it’s also not a great sleeping experience, because I wake up after like an hour all confused and disoriented.

…anyway, I didn’t do that, because I stayed up late playing Slay the Spire. Did you know that Slay the Spire is incredibly good? I didn’t until, like, a week ago. Luckily, though, Mistress Charlotte heard my thoughts anyway. Not that that takes much, seeing as she can decide whatever I’m thinking – or even if I get to think at all – whenever she feels like it. Point is, when I woke up this morning (from my little Friday floor bed, naturally) I saw that Mistress had shared a file on her Loyalfans, free to her followers. Which, by the way, if you’re not a follower, I can highly recommend once again. It’s completely free (although there’s a VERY reasonably priced subscription if you want more of Mistress Charlotte) and she shares the (incredible) free files that were previously hosted on her site pretty regularly! There’s literally nothing to lose by following, so… y’know. Get over there. If you don’t mind – I’m not a Domme, I can’t issue orders.

This morning’s listening experience was Surrender and Succumb. I’m normally a little wary of trigger based hypnosis sessions, myself – I feel like I always end up overthinking about how it’s not going to work on me, and that I should just stop thinking about it, and stop thinking about thinking about it… This was really lovely, though. I mentioned yesterday that hypno might be a good reminder of my sluttery, and it was. But more importantly than that, it was a reminder of ownership. Of Mistress Charlotte’s ownership over me, the power she holds, the control that I willing place into her hands. At the end of the day, that’s really all I want. To belong to her, to be her thing, her property, her toy, her slut. I want to feel her desires supplant my own, as I slide down into the bliss of forever submission. I want to be pleasing to her, a slave that she can happily use and abuse, play with however she likes. I want to surrender and succumb to my Mistress, to the one who owns me.

And so, obviously that was a real delight. But what really got me was later on in the day, hours after the fact, I was thinking about the session, and how the words “Surrender and Succumb” really did induce a strong arousal in me, as her control over me built stronger and stronger. And literally, as soon as I thought – not even said out loud, just thought – those words, I could feel an instant reaction, desire growing within me as my cock suddenly woke up. Surely that’s proof, if ever it were needed – and it certainly isn’t at this point – that this is my place. I belong on my knees, at the feet of a powerful woman, ready to serve, and submit, and obey her will without question. I am her slave, her slut, her toy, her property. Hers. Thanks for reading.

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