The “I Went For After Work Drinks With Friends And Now It’s Late” Blog (Resolutions, Day 115)

Today was a weird feeling day. Not, like, bad weird. But it was certainly odd. We had a morning tea to say goodbye to two of our team members – one person in the same role as me, who’s picked up a new job in a different team, and for our team leader, who’s also moving to a different team for six months. Normally at our work, morning teas are only like fifteen minutes. But everybody had to bring a plate, and we had so much food. People had baked bread, someone made a cake, we had various biscuits for days… I think we ended up being there for closer to an hour. I sort of wondered if it was ok, but then I looked over and saw my team leader chatting with our boss, and, well, it’s her morning tea! It’s literally for her, I’m not gonna tell her what to do!

After that, the rest of the day was certainly much more relaxed than normal, even for a Friday. We weren’t being too loud or anything – but in our “secret” social work chat (kept separate from the professional work work chat) there was all sorts of joking and off-topic shenanigans. It was a struggle at times not to just burst out laughing – which, given that our boss is still sitting right there, might not be the best look. After work, some of us all went round to a colleague’s house for after work drinks – specifically, his home brewed beer! Now, I’m not a beer guy. I don’t usually touch the stuff if I have the choice. But this was actually pretty nice! I was really pleasantly surprised. We had a very very lovely night! But…

I kinda miss being a slut! I think I might try and start going to bed a bit earlier, so I can get back into the habit of listening to some hypno sessions again, because other than listening for Laundry Days I feel like it’s been a really long time! And it’s always, since the very start, been a great way of getting me in touch with my sluttier side. Hell, it’s what made me into such a whore in the first place – what let me know it was even an option! It seems like the perfect place to start with getting back into a slightly more whorish lifestyle.

…yes, I know my current, perfectly slutty life already involves me constantly being collared, regularly plugged, and on my knees, drinking from a bowl on the floor. And that’s just the bare minimum, my baseline! But it’s been a while since I’ve done something proper slutty, and I think I’d like to change that. We’ll see! Thanks for reading.

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