Where They Belong (Resolutions, Day 114)

You know how sometimes something just doesn’t feel… right? Like there’s something you just can’t quite put your finger on, or you’re missing something? I had that pretty bad just earlier, on my way to the supermarket. I was looking at something on my phone, and I suddenly felt something – the absence of something, to be more precise. I patted down my pockets and had a feeling of dread – oh god, where’s my phone? I didn’t leave it at home, did I? I don’t have my card, it’s all on my phone, I’m going to have to go back and- oh. Right. I’m literally looking at it right now.

It’s just the comforting weight of having things in my pockets – my phone, my keys, are always there, and I get so used to having them in contact with me that noticing the feeling of them not being there is just… odd. Why do I mention that here? Because I think it’s the same with Mistress’s collar – and her cage, too.

I worked from home today again, a decision I came to after much hard thought and careful consideration. Ok, that’s obviously a lie. I slept through my alarm and woke up fifteen minutes before I’m usually at work – so I just said “Fuck it” and decided I’d stay in the home office today. With video calls being fairly common in our team, I always make sure to remove Mistress’s collar (and any other various kinky paraphernalia in the background) and make sure I look as pure and innocent as possible – what, a slut? Me? I’ve got absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. It was after one of these calls ended, though, and I was back to doing my work, that I got that odd sensation of something not being right. It’d been, what, maybe half an hour or so? And I’m not sure if anything in particular set it off – maybe the way I moved my head and didn’t feel anything rubbing against my neck, or hear any tags jingling. But I looked down and realised I’d never put her collar back on!

I’ve spent god-knows-how-many hours wearing that lovely little collar around the house, now, so perhaps it’s not really a surprise that it feels like it’s a part of me. But there’s something just… comforting about it. I think part of it is just how casual it is. I’m so glad they didn’t have any link collars when I first went shopping for them years ago – this little puppy collar is so quick and easy to buckle on or take off. It doesn’t necessarily feel like it’s a big event, putting it on – until you want it to, and then it’s the most sacred thing in the world. But on a regular, day-to-day basis, it’s just perfect. Much more suitable than one of those ones with built in nipple clamps, for instance. The ideal accessory for any slutty little pup.

And chastity is much the same, to me. When I’m taking it off, or putting it on, it feels rather strange – understandable, I think. But after a couple of days, it just fades into the background. Just another part of me – denied, my pleasure coming instead only from service and obedience. It’s exactly where it should be. And so am I. Thanks for reading.

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