Night of the Living Dumbass (Resolutions, Day 113)

Firstly, I just want to say that if you’re reading this on day of posting, it’s Mistress Charlotte’s birthday! Please wish her a very lovely day and shower her with gifts and tributes! It’s no less than she deserves. (Technically, what she deserves is an army of sluts at her beck and call, but that’s… harder to organise.)

Now, my day was mostly fine – I worked from home on account of having a Te Reo workshop in the morning that I’d rather not do out loud in the middle of the office. It was pretty good! I was expecting just a bunch of really basic “here’s how you say stapler” and other office related stuff, but it was way more interesting than I expected. I hope I keep some of it in my head! The rest of the day was pretty standard. But then, once I clocked out…

I’m sitting on the couch, just dicking around on my phone, watching something on YouTube, you know how it is. My phone lights up with a notification from Microsoft Teams – it’s a message from someone at work! Someone… I don’t know. A name I don’t recognise, from a team I’ve got nothing to do with. Ok, weird, but sure. She’s asking about the job I applied for – oh, she must be the one in charge of recruiting for my boss’s soon to be vacant position. Weird that it’s not, y’know, our actual manager, but sure, why not. Let’s see, she’s saying… that the cover letter I’ve attached was for a different position, and addressed to… my actual manager… oh no.

So, what happened is: despite being a decently healthy slut, equipped with eyes and a brain and what have you, I was so blind, so dumb, that I accidentally applied for a different position than the one I was intending to. A position with a very similar name, in my defence. But then, in my offence, the actual written role description and everything would’ve been completely different. So, that fucking terrified me for a while. Applications for the role I actually care about closed last week (on my birthday!) and I was really scared that I’d missed out on even the opportunity to be in the running for this role. So I quickly got in contact with my manager, apologised profusely for the lateness, and explained the situation. And good news – we had a bit of a laugh about it, and I think it should be fine! She mentioned that she’s starting interviews tomorrow, and they’ve got a few pretty strong looking applicants – so I definitely don’t think it’s a guarantee. But I’d like to at least be in the running – if I end up not getting it, I’d hate for it to be because I was just a dumbass!

Anyway, on top of all of that minor terror, I got halfway into preparing to make a carbonara when I realised I didn’t actually have a jar of sauce. And I was really looking forward to it, too… I heated up some decidedly average pizza and poured myself a bowl of vanilla coke – certainly not a bad dinner. But not what I had in my heart, and really not what I needed after the heart attack of having my idiocy thrown back at me. Tomorrow will be better! Thanks for reading.

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