Surprise Fantasy! (Resolutions, Day 111)

Yesterday and today have basically been the same day, w/r/t how much shit I actually did (hint: it’s nothing!). That’s basically what a long weekend is for though, right? So I don’t feel too bad about it. Then a shorter week this week because of that, and things should be more or less normal going on from there. The Sluts community on Twitter is really popping off, with posts from all sorts of various perverts! I love how many are coming from subs – it gives me 1) validation that as a dyed in the wool sub, it only makes sense that I am also a total slut, and 2) inspiration for my own fantasies, slash a bunch of fantasies I can just insert myself into and think about.

Like, for instance – two people lying on a bed together. One has just finished getting fucked (by the other), and is lying on his stomach, legs spread slightly. Naively, he assumes that they’re done. But then, she moves into place behind him, elevating his ass into a better position for her to make use of. I – I mean he – might moan a little, no doubt feeling rather fucked out at this point. But there’s no reason that should be her problem, is there? That’s the bonus of wielding a strap-on – no refractory period, no reason to stop using her toy until she’s done. So, ignoring the pathetic, not-even-really-protests of her property, she aligns his sluthole with her length and unceremoniously drives herself deep inside.

There’s the barest hint of resistance left there now – he’s already well stretched and a little gaping at this point, allowing her to grip his hips firmly and just really go to town. She already had her fill of slow, sensual fucking before – this is harder, more intense. Something more primal. The moans are coming louder from him now, but they’re more muffled, the angle on his lower half pushing his face into the pillow. They’re also being drowned out by the repetitive slap of flesh on flesh, as she pounds into him over, and over, and over again. Occasionally her hand will find its way up his body to harshly pinch a nipple, or reach around to give those tender balls a good squeeze, just enough that he really feels it, turning his next muffled moan into more of a smothered scream. (His dick is, of course, locked away in chastity – there’s clearly no need for it right now.) Sometimes she’ll stop thrusting to catch her breath for a while, drawing her dick back out of him ever-so-slowly, inch by inch by inch, until just the tip is left in. And then, suddenly, swiftly, sharply, delivering a spank to his slut ass as she drives back into him, hilting herself inside her whore.

Eventually, her desires are sated, and she withdraws from him completely, his ruined hole continuing to gape and twitch a little despite its emptiness. The sound of a strap-on hitting the floor can be heard as she reclines on the bed. His face is still buried, ass still pointing skywards, and she’s tempted to just leave him like that, ready to be used by the next person who walks past. But there’s a better use for him right now, and she shakes him gently to get his attention. He looks up, panting, red in the face from the ravaging he’s received. She simply points down, between her thighs, and he knows exactly what he must do. Strap-ons have their benefits re: refraction periods when you want to ruin your property, but they’re not so great for feeling the pleasure yourself. He smiles, and nods, and begins to lap at her, slowly and delicately at first, but ramping up before long. Her pleasure is always his ultimate goal, whether he’s receiving or giving, and he is always – always! – thankful to be able to serve.

Literally no idea where this came from, lol! It started with a post from Sluts, as I mentioned (this one, to be precise (if you have access to the community I guess??)) and it sort of just kept going from there. Thanks for reading!

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