Tired… (Resolutions, Day 105)

Bleh, I’m really tired today. Even after a long long weekend, even knowing I’ve got a short week ahead, I’m still all… bleh. It’s actually an even shorter week than normal, because I’m taking Friday off as a pre-birthday gift to myself, and I’m still bleh! How does that even work?!

But a malewife’s work is never done, of course. So after work I did some grocery shopping, and I unsuccessfully looked for a nice nail file – my nails have gotten to a decent length without me biting/picking them down to nothing for the first time in… pretty much ever, so I’m trying to keep them that way. Then I got home, did some cleaning, cooked dinner, cleaned up afterwards, and did I get a grope for my troubles? Did I get fingered at the kitchen counter while I was chopping vegetables? Did I get to serve my Mistress a meal and a whiskey, and then get down on my hands and knees to be a good little footrest for her while she watched the big game? Did I heck. No, sadly, tonight it seems fantasies must continue to stay fantasies.

In fairness, though, these are all pretty much impossible to implement from any distance, never mind it being the other side of the world away. I suppose that’s what fantasies are for, though, really, isn’t it? Something to think about, to imagine – a “wouldn’t it be nice if one day…”. For instance – wouldn’t it be nice if one day, I were chained, trapped, kept in place beneath your desk? Perhaps it’d make for a nice after-dinner treat for us both, hm? Maybe you’re at your computer catching up on emails, or playing a game, or just relaxing in the chair while you read a book. Me? Well, naturally, I’m in my rightful place, beneath and below, stuck down on my knees. Perfectly positioned for you to make use of whenever you see fit – put my whore tongue to good use for once. And then, whenever you’re satisfied with my performance, you could retire for the night, leaving me utterly ignored and desperately horny. My only pleasure is your pleasure, after all. It’s all I need. Would I be unchained for the night? Well… That’s up to you.

This is the advantage of having a slut who is equal parts malewife, conscious object, service slave, and massive whore. I exist to please you, and there’s so many ways to take advantage of me to achieve that! Role reversal, service tasks, using me as a literal object… You could just whore me out to your friends and enjoy the show, or wreck me yourself! So many options. Maybe one of them will wake me up a little… Pretty sure I nodded off a couple times in the writing of this. Anyway, thanks for reading.

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