Home again, home again (again) (Resolutions, Day 104)

Ahhhh, it’s nice to be home. Even after a couple days away, I still slipped Mistress Charlotte’s collar around my neck the second I walked in the door. I don’t think I even had the conscious thought to do so – it was just “see collar” straight into “collar should be on”. The restriction is s comfort, though, in a way. Nearly every move I make, it’s there – am ever-present reminder of whose and what I am. And, frankly, I can never have enough of those in my life. I cherish them all, from the little touches of friction I feel on the way to work every Wednesday (Commando Day), to the way Mistress calls me “slut” in practically every conversation we have, kinky or not. Every time I see my slave bowl on the floor, it reminds me – “oh yeah, I have to drink from that, because I’m her property”. And it’s delightful!

Changing tack a little to more general sluttery – I’ve seen a lot of porn in my time on the internet (I mean, haven’t we all?). A lot has been real, live-action stuff – but quite a lot has been drawn, hentai stuff, too. And there’s one specific fantasy I’ve been thinking about recently that comes up pretty often in hentai – the classic “slut stuck halfway through a wall” thing. This has certainly made its way to mainstream porn too, with various step-siblings and what-have-you getting stuck in the washing machine or whatever contrived reason they can come up with. But what I appreciate about the hentai manga approach – at least the one I have in mind – is that it doesn’t try and excuse or explain it. There’s no “whoops, I fell and got stuck in this conveniently placed hole in the wall, could you passing strangers help me out?” – or, well, there can be, of course. But there’s ALSO the case where someone has a hole in the wall, and they put sluts in that hole, for the purpose of using them as living stress relief toys for… well, whoever happens to be around, really. I’ve seen it as a way of “improving morale” at a company, for instance. Sometimes it’s a specific role, sometimes it’s a lottery draw, sometimes it’s a little… less consensual (at least at first – this is, well, still hentai manga, there’s a lot of “getting fucked until you love it”…). The main consistent part is that it always seems to be a punishment. Which has me wondering – is it weird that I kinda want to try it?

The premise is simple enough – hole in wall, padded but inescapable, upper torso and head out one side, lower torso, legs, and ass out the other. Sometimes they forgo the first part and just have your ass sticking out, legs folded up above with feet stuck back into the wall – premium breeding position. This variant also usually has a happy, normal picture of the wallbound slut mounted above them – as you can’t see their face, this is the only reference you have of who the hole you’re ruining belongs to. Now, don’t get me wrong, this method DEFINITELY has its upsides, but I think I prefer having the mouth available too – the ability to combine an absolute pounding with a nice, deep, face-fucking sounds too good to pass up. Do you blindfold them, so they can only hear the next “customer” approaching? Or do you let them fully see the next thing coming to brutalise their throat – if they can concentrate while the other sluthole’s getting ravaged, that is…

Idk, it just seems like a fun time to me. I wouldn’t want to live there (unless…?), but it’d certainly liven up a work shift, make for a delightful party piece… Just something to think about. Thanks for reading.

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