Home again, home again (Resolutions, Day 102)

In many ways, of course, it’s lovely to be back home. I haven’t seen my family in a few months, we’ve got the world’s cutest puppy, I’ve missed the cats, it’s all good.

But.Look, I love my family, that hopefully goes without saying. Even my sisters, with whom things have occasionally been a little awkward, are laughing and chatting with me (although one is recovering from major jaw surgery which has her rather non-verbal and in quite a bit of pain). But I’ve really gotten used to being on my own over the past few months!

And, I mean, with COVID and everything, we’re not exactly going out all that much. I’m pretty much just sitting around inside, same as I was when I lived here, and the same as I would be back in my apartment. The difference, though, is that there (and in the past!) I had my PC, I had the Playstation – I had all my stuff! Now I’ve just got my phone, and a rather dodgy charger which only works when you hold it in a very specific position. Being with the family is a delight, it really is, but I confess I’m missing my stuff. Does that make me a bad person? Probably not, I think? I’m not complaining, really, it’s only for a couple days. It just feels weird to be sitting around and not doing the things I normally would.

Speaking of things I normally would – sluttery is at the lowest it’s been for months! I’m really having to adjust to being around people – a couple times I’ve definitely touched my neck to be like “holy shit is that Mistress’s collar HOW HAS NOBODY SAID ANYoh it’s just my headphones, OK then”. I woke up this morning and was about to step out into the shower, when I realised that walking into the hallway, naked as a, well, whore, probably isn’t a wide idea, and that I really should put something on for the trip to the bathroom. I don’t even close the bathroom door in my apartment, now I have to wear clothes just to traverse my own home?! Absolutely wild times. And that’s not even mentioning the number of House Rules I haven’t been able to follow (which, in case you need a reminder on the Rules, is ALL OF THEM). I’ve been drinking from glasses, I’ve not been plugged – I didn’t even sleep on the floor last night. What’s the world coming to?! At least I’m still caged. Only one week until my birthday! Mistress said I’d be caged until then – although she didn’t, strictly speaking, say that I’d be uncaged after then…

Really though, the company is nice, and I’ve had some lovely chats, caught up on a few things. Not to brag, but they’re all pretty hilarious (they are related to me, after all (OK, that bit was to brag)) and so truth be told I’m enjoying myself quite a lot. I’ll be home soon, sluttery, just hold on! Thanks for reading.

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