One Hundred Days! (Resolutions, Day 100)

Woohoo! One hundred days of tiny shitty little half hour blogs. I genuinely didn’t think I’d last this long! Weird to think that I’ve done – at minimum – fifty hours of writing over the year! They’ve not always been great, but nobody can deny that I’ve certainly… done some writing.

I was having a lovely chat with my friend Jill on Twitter earlier, just talking about their upcoming plans with their own Domme, and how they’re going to be preparing for it. It sounds like it’ll be a wonderful time! That’s one of the benefits I never expected from being immersed in the kink world like this – it’s nice to be able to just chat with people about all this kinky stuff, BDSM and otherwise. It’s not something I can really do in the “real world”! I’ve mentioned before as well (I think?? I can’t keep track of what I’ve mentioned and what I haven’t) that being able to talk with Mistress Charlotte about anything, everything, nothing – it’s been one of the better surprises out of all of this. Not even just kink things, either! Anything goes, from cute pet pictures to genuinely interesting religious studies. And yes, I realise as I’m writing this that what I’m basically describing here is “a friend”. I promise I’m not as sad as that might make me sound! I just think that having that beginning rooted in kink, and always having the option of turning to that at any time – and, yes, constantly being called “slut” – they make it feel more special than that, I suppose.

As with any of these blogs, I really have no idea what I’m even writing right now. I don’t think I have much of a filter when it comes to these things? I have the thoughts, then I internalise them in the exact way I would say them out loud, and then I just write that down. I truly do write exactly the way I speak! Is that weird? Do all people do that? I have absolutely no clue! But I think I like that. In a sense, it’s kinda like I’m reading it out to you. Which is fun! You’re getting a direct throughline to my brain – which some of you reading this already have in a very different sense, I know. I admit, though, as much as I do love that idea – I do prefer the other direct connection into my brain. The one where I’m made all mindless and slutty, where I exist for your pleasure, the one where I have no hope of doing anything but blissfully obeying.

Anyway, heading home for Easter tomorrow. No sluttery for, like, three days! How will I survive… Thanks for reading.

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