Obeying vs Forcing (Resolutions, Day 98)

So, I mentioned the other day about how I’m a tall sub, and as such it’d be more difficult – not impossible, but more difficult – for me to be overpowered, held down, pounded, wrecked, ruined, etc. And that’s true, kind – although it could certainly still be achieved. I’m tall, but I’m not, like, a bodybuilder. My arms are, truthfully, pretty weak, and you could probably hold them above my head while you push deep inside me. And, also like I mentioned the other day, this is why the Goddess invented BDSM restraints!

Because, the thing is, is that I’m not, like, trying to escape from anything that’s happening here (unless you want me to). Would they be as effective at holding me down if you were trying to actually for real kidnap me or something? Probably not. But this isn’t that – this is you trying to immobilise a slut so that you can tease and torment, and use and abuse, and fuck him exactly how you like. And I’m all for that! I’ve never been much into the idea of being forced to submit, to be made to do as you say. I want to submit, because you want me to. No resisting, no disobeying – if you want me to do something, I’ll do it. That just feels more… right, to me. Otherwise it’s not really submission, y’know? If I’m resisting you, or making you make me do something, to me that just feels like extra steps getting in the way of what we both want – me doing the thing. Or having the thing done to me, depending.

And maybe this contrasts a little with, y’know, all the times I’ve said how good it is to just be taken and filled and ruined and etc. etc. But that’s… different. That’s being slutty and open and willing to, at any moment, get utterly ravaged up against the kitchen counter. That’s totally fine, obviously. I’m more talking about the “Oh no, Mistress, please don’t take your strap-on and skull-fuck me with it, oh that would be awful, noooo don’t have you and your friend spitroast me on your lengths…”. I know it’s being played up for the fantasy, but, come on! Own it, accept it, embrace the sluttiness. It’s so much more fun, at least to me, to eagerly obey. Perhaps because my BDSM is online-based, and it’s certainly trickier to be forced into something from the other side of the world. But even if this were in-person, I still think I’d feel the same.

Hypno, too, also feels like it doesn’t necessarily fit into this mindset, but I think that’s just a generalisation of hypnosis overall as “people being forced to do stuff”, which we all know by now simply isn’t true. If hypnosis makes you do something, it was already something you wanted to do. If, for instance, you listened to a file that made you obey any command from a woman for a 24 hour period (now available free to followers on Mistress Charlotte’s Loyalfans!) then that might, hypothetically, in theory, already be in your nature. Just as an example. As for being made all mindless and unable to resist through hypnosis – I guess you could look at that as a non-physical example of what I was talking about earlier, but, well, it’s fine. Ultimately it’s still something I’m doing because I want to – and I want to, because Mistress wants me to, because me being a brain-fucked whore is amusing. And, really, isn’t that all that matters? Thanks for reading.

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